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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center 30.0.18 Build for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build  (Read 980 times)


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This is a new build of JRiver Media Center 29 for Mac.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.

Download Universal Silicon/Intel 64 bit build (minimum requirement MacOS 10.11)

30.0.18 (10/7/2022)

1. Changed: Renamed DVBC frequency table file from "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glentevejens" to "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glenten", and a frequency entry in the file was updated.  Thanks ABA!
2. Changed: When getting Theater View backdrop images (for movies and TV series) from TheMovieDB, we will attempt to use only the images that are tagged with the language code that matches the default local language.  If that fails we will fall back to any language.
3. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search only returns a failure if no matching files are found with the "play" action, otherwise an empty list.
4. Changed: When searching for cover art, if art is found named [Filename] - [Poster] it will be used (so Titanic - Poster.jpg will work for the movie Titanic.mkv).
5. NEW: Added the ability to clean accents (replace with A, etc.) to the Clean(...) expression (thanks to blgentry for the help).
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
7. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
8. Fixed: Potential fix for a rare crash in Theater View on audio track changes.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.90.
10. Fixed: HEIF images from library servers could not be opened.
11. Fixed: Video thumbnails were not always being rotated properly for portrait-style videos.
12. Fixed: When starting a DMS TV channel, the volume was not set smoothly (often set in two stage, first the full volume, then the correct volume).
13. Changed: Cloudplay pages in MC now support "back" navigation.
14. Fixed: Menu buttons on Cloudplay pages wrap without getting cut off (always shown, no longer collapse).
15. Fixed: Fonts could get cached after DPI/size changes, resulting in the wrong size.
16. NEW: Added an experimental option to enable per-monitor DPI scaling.
17. Changed: More tuning of the smooth progress bar.
18. Fixed: Ctrl+R (JRVR reset) did not work in all types of live TV playback.
19. NEW: JRVR performance profiles can now be selected in the JRVR General settings.
20. Changed: Adjusted the progress bar at track endings a little more.
21. NEW: Added a "Hide unchanged files" option to "Rename, Move, & Copy files...".
22. Fixed: The position slider could stop moving near the end of the file.
23. Fixed: Clicking "Close" on a tag could reopen the editing if the click was right above the field.
24. Fixed: Edit fields in the tag window could fail to close when clicking away in the last build.
25. Fixed: Turning off artist images would switch to the previous artist image instead of the cover in build 9.
26. NEW: Artist name in the Cloudplay track list is a link to Spotlight.
27. Changed: Cloudplay submission email includes year in upload dates.
28. Fixed: Gridlines could overflow when a column was frozen.
29. Fixed: Disabling zone switch didn't work in all cases.
30. Changed: Display View displays "Press escape to exit Display View" when stopped.
31. NEW: Added a clear search MCC (MCC_CLEAR_SEARCH_CONTROL / 22042).
32. NEW: URLs are displayed as links in the SSDP utility.
33. NEW: All valid URLs in the SSDP utility can be opened in an external browser.
34. Fixed: Turning artist images on and off could result in the wrong cover being displayed.
35. NEW: *.idx subtitle index files can be selected in the Subtitle Browse dialog.
36. Fixed: Tree indent would not be correct when the scale was not 100% in 30.0.7.
37. Fixed: Pane header text would not align properly when the scale was not 100%.
38. NEW: Added a FilterForUser to the MCWS/Files/Search call to allow filtering based on the current user.
39. Fixed: Audio Path did not work with TV playback of types DMS, IPTV.
40. Changed: Reverted the mouse cursor changing when over the expand / collapse arrows in the tree.
41. Fixed: When syncing to a portable from a client, filenames were not being set correctly.
42. Changed: The tree expand / collapse markers will respond to clicks for the entire height of the item instead of a slice of the height.
43. NEW: Added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl;Shift;E) to reset the pane selection (MCC 26023,-1).
44. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
45. Changed: Re-designed the JRVR Scaling settings dialog.
46. NEW: Chroma scaling in JRVR can now be configured independently of image upscaling (advanced mode only).
47. Fixed: When closing a tab, the tab layout would not resave so restarting the program would bring the tab back.
48. Fixed: Font settings could get overwritten when using a custom Theater View font, or other secondary custom fonts.
49 NEW: (Experimental) Enabled "Triax SatIP Converter (DMS)" as a DMS TV device.  Untested, may or may not work.
50. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search returns a failure if no matching files are found.
51. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
52. NEW: Added a library backup option (Options > Library & Folder > Thumbnails in library backups) to ask for thumbnails inclusion or just turn them on or off.
53. NEW: The mouse cursor changes to a hand when it's over the expand / collapse arrows in the tree.
54. Fixed: Some Thai characters were not being rendered properly.
55. NEW: Added an SSDP utility in the Media Network section under Services & Plug-ins to scan for and display a list of all network devices and their information.
56. Fixed: The space before a delimiter wasn't being added to artist values in the player window.
57. Changed: Font sizes will scale with screen DPI more consistently. (Please report any issues from this change)
58. Changed: List type fields are displayed with a space after the delimiter in the statusbar and playerbar.
59. Changed: Included an updated PixOS skin (thanks EnglishTiger).
60. Changed: When acquiring images from an Android, it could pull files from the trash, thumbnails, recycle bin, etc.  Now it skips folder names that begin with a dot.
61. Changed: Changed the way SETUP request is made (this is a work-around of a possible bug in a third-party library) during Sat>IP TV playback.
62. Changed: Switched to a discrete clear playing now toolbar image (thanks HPBEME).
63. NEW: Added the /Restart command to the launcher to restart a running Media Center.
64. NEW: Added a toolbar button to allow restarting the program.
65. Changed: During install of a new version, the library is no longer discarded if it points to a library server (but still switches to the default after copying the library if it's a local library).
66. NEW: Preliminary support for ATSC 3 TV channels.
67. Fixed: The tab text for some views could be inconsistent between when the tab was active and inactive.
68. Fixed: The converter view (opened from the Action Window) didn't have title text.
69. Changed: The recent searches will put the most recent at the top instead of bottom of the menu.
70. NEW: Added recent searches to the search box suggestions.
71. Changed: When a ZoneSwitch rule runs from Theater View, it would not switch the selected Playing Now in Standard View so switching back could switch the zone unexpectedly.
72. NEW: Added DVD/BluRay ripping through MakeMKV (Needs to be installed on your Mac).
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