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Author Topic: Subtitle problem using an OPPO BDP-103 as player  (Read 2962 times)


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Subtitle problem using an OPPO BDP-103 as player
« on: October 04, 2015, 02:34:53 am »

Hi All,

I've had an Oppo BDP-103 for a couple of years now and have all my movies, TV shows, cds etc ripped to my NAS with a separate folder for each movie file and related cover art, subtitles etc.. My wife is Thai and where ever possible I download subtitles in Thai for her benefit as she has some trouble in understanding the various different accents of the English language.

In the past I have used the limited Oppo interface to view movies using SMB but as I have now over 1400 movies it became a bit of a chore for selection etc., so, a couple of months ago I went ahead and purchased JRiver media server. I find the user interface especially in Theatre view to be pretty impressive and I am very happy with the way everything just works. The JRiver remote ios app also makes it very easy to use my ipad for controlling everything.

Except, when it comes to subtitles. Using my original method for the Oppo to "pull" the media from my NAS, it made no difference whether the subtitles were in a separate .srt file with the same name as the movie or whether the subtitles were in a container such as .mkv, they worked just perfectly.

Now using JRiver to "push" the media to the Oppo I find that the subtitles are only available if they are "contained". Using a separate .srt file and they are just not available to select within the Oppo. I can remux the the separate files into a .mkv container but with the number of movies and TV shows that I have, it would be a daunting task.

Does anyone know if this problem is down to either the Oppo or to JRiver and is there an solution to my problem?

I am posing the same issue in the Oppo BDP-103 Owners' forum.

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