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Author Topic: Albums Disappearing -- Playlists missing lost album files  (Read 2774 times)


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Albums Disappearing -- Playlists missing lost album files
« on: October 22, 2015, 09:36:47 pm »

I have been using MC20 and everything was working well for several months.  Recently, I have noticed that some of my albums are missing from the Library and that playlists containing files from these albums are also missing.  The playlist name is there but it is empty or missing the files associated with the missing albums.

It appears that the Library is not finding these files.

I have tried restoring the Library to earlier dates but this is not working.  The missing entries remain missing.

I have spent considerable time tagging these files.  Most of these files are dff files which are located on several external hard drives directly attached to my computer through a docking station.  I do remove the computer from the dock periodically but have not had any previous problems.

With respect to Auto-Import settings, I do not have any folders selected for import, I do not restore broken links, but I do have the ignore previously deleted files checked.

I have spent a great deal of time tagging the dff files and I don't want to take the time re-import and re-tag these files.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Others seem to have similar problems with files disappearing from their Libraries......particularly when updates and/or new files are added.....

Thanks in advance for suggestions to address these problems.



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Re: Albums Disappearing -- Playlists missing lost album files
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2015, 08:07:56 am »

I don't have a clue about using DFF files .. but if they are like ISO files they may be considered as data files not audio. Whether or not tags are saved to sidecar files or not, I'm not sure. I do not believe you can write tags to this type of container, but frankly I'm not sure either  :D

Be that as it may, if some dff specialist does not chime in. I would run an autoimport as your configuration and undocking the drives could break the links.  You could check this by creating a smartlist for this =>

First to confirm, you are saying that the files exist in the library, but the player can't find them right? Not that they have disappeared from the library completely right?

If so, I would manually back-up your library and save a second copy of it (MC does this automatically, but not necessarily when you want/need it to be done. look int the individual folders containing these files. If they have xml or other sidecar files, back these up.

Then I would change you import settings to include the drives with fix broken links, protect missing drives and the external change option checked. Manually run auto-import. Does this sort everything for you? If so, the undocking probably has broken the links. If all your data has disappeared for some reason (like dff files have some different way of handling the metadata that I'm not aware). No worries just restore your library backup file. There is an option to NOT automatically import files. Autoimport is sort of a misnomer in my opinion. However you still need to configure the import options (see the wiki articles for Import and Auto-import on this Robert).

You could also try to update tags from library to see how/what dff filetypes actually write to disk. (Right click on file=>Library Tools=>Update Tags from Library. Warning: as I said, I don't know where the tag info is stored for DFF files (library only, partially in container, sidecar files?)

as I said I'm no expert on DFF files so make sure you have everything backed up! before messing around. If all the links are borken you might have to re-point the database to include them.

Question, why do you not have any folders selected for import? Personally I prefer to have the broken links option selected .. there might be reasons you don't want this? Are the missing files all located on the same drive or parent filepath?
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