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Author Topic: questions about use of default sample rates, plus soundcard, pulse, alsa options  (Read 3351 times)

Jay Fora

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Hi, When Awesome and Bob where helping me sort out my CPU issue, I was introduced to 'Default sample rates' What is the purpose of these, and what do they do to the sound?
The soundcard of my computer is capable of 10 different 16 bit and 24 bit options, but I can only select one.
Pulse audio allows a default, and an alternate.
Does this mean that all sound tracks are converted to these defaults regardless of their natural sample rate?

I don't have a sound problem, I would just like to understand this better when making choices in MC DSP. But does MC bypass and render sound independently of all this anyway?

I see that there is the possibility in the DSP to select the soundcard directly, rather than ALSA or Pulse/ALSA Is there any benefit to choosing this soundcard option (for a novice, who just has laptop and average Creativ external speakers, and doesn't want to do a lot of tweaking)?
Thank you
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