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Author Topic: NYE - with MC!  (Read 1694 times)


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NYE - with MC!
« on: December 30, 2015, 11:43:48 pm »

Firstly Happy New Year!  My wife and I are off to the Sydney Opera House surounds for the big night and it should be a great position for the fireworks.

My son however is hosting a party at home and the AV is setup running:
- Video: Music Videos / LiveTV playing from MC on a NUC to a PJ outputting to a 4m outside screen
- Audio: The audio is being captured by TuneBlade and being pushed to 3 zones at the same time (two decks) and an big "outside" setup
- Control: JRemote, TuneBlade Remote Control, Yami Remote Control all on his iphone

Couple of tweaks and issues:
- AV Sync:  TuneBlade is using a 700ms setting (good balance between delay and buffer), so in MC I have a -900ms for Video playback to get the Music Videos / LiveTV (for the fireworks) in sync between the Audio and Video.  Works really really well.  I'm not sure many know that MC can do a Negative AV Sync, but it is perfect for an application like this.
- In our setup last night the Berhringer NU6000DSP that was driving the outside speakers decided to get the Red Ring of death!  It took a few hours to get a Yami AVR wired in and configured as the temporary replacement.  No where near the same power output but it is only driving 4 speakers (separate Powered Berhinger Sub).  Still heaps to entertain the suburb!  8)

Have fun!
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