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Author Topic: JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month  (Read 10006 times)


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JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:37:25 am »

I noticed that JRiver member Glimmie has the Home Theater of the Month at AVS Forum.

The GMG Theater

The amount of gear he has is . . . overwhelming.



Media Server #1 (HD/Blu-ray/DVD)
Motherboard: i7, 4 GB RAM
Software: JRiver MC20
Video: Nvidia FX3800 HDSDI
Audio: Onboard SPDIF, Lynx AES-16 for Blu-ray audio

Media Server #2 (uncompressed SD/LaserDisc archive)
Motherboard: Fujitsu Dual Xeon, 4 GB RAM
Software: BlackMagic Media Express
Video: BlackMagic Designs DecLink SDI
Audio: BlackMagic Designs DecLink AES
RAID: Internal 8 TB
NAS on gigabit-Ethernet dedicated network

RAID #1: 30 TB running UNRAID v5
RAID #2: 30 TB running UNRAID v5
Dish VIP612 HD satellite DVR

Pioneer CLD-95 LaserDisc player, SDI modified (for ingest to server only)

Mitsubishi D-VHS VCR (for ingest to server only)

AV Electronics

Lexicon MC8 pre/pro (AES-out modified, used only for AC3 and DTS audio; analog input and output section not used)

DIY digital processor (3 miniDSP miniSHARCs, 2 miniDSP 24 DSP cards; generic Asus I5 with 200 GB SSD for miniDSP management)

Lucid AES-88192 DAC (3, 8 channels each)

DIY 24-channel analog master volume controller (sets all gain trims and master volume)

DIY 110W power amps for LCR woofers (3, based on rebuilt Hafler DH220 modules)

DIY 60W power amps for LCR mids (3, based on rebuilt Hafler DH120 modules)

DIY 20W power amps for LCR tweeters (3, pure class-A)

DIY 70W power amps for surrounds (5)

DIY 75W power amps for heights (4)

Yamaha P2700 power amp (500Wx2 for front subs)

Stewart P600 power amps (2, each bridged for side subs, 300W each)

DIY 82 AES distribution amplifiers (3)

DIY monitoring computers (3, Windows 2000, running PAS Products Multimeter, RTA, Surround Meter; all with Lynx AES-16 I/O)

Repackaged Tektronix 764 Audio Analyzer (VGA only, internal CRT section scrapped)

DIY 16/2 analog mixdown unit for RTA

AV Processing

BlackMagic Teranex 2D processor

Darbee Darblet processor (legacy version)

Digital Vision DVNR-500 SDI image processor

Technike DX210 SDI NTSC/PAL decoder (used for LaserDisc-to-server ingest)

Sony BVX-D10 SDI color corrector

Sony DSC-1024 VGA scan converters (3)

DVDO VP50Pro scan converter

Videotek VTM420 VGA scopes (2, HD & SD)

Videotek VTM400 VGA scope (HD Only)

BlackMagic Ultrascope running on Win7/64 with Nvidia Graphics and Thunderbolt I/O

NEC 20″ CRT SVGA monitors (5, above main screen)

Asus 24″ LCD monitors (4, below main screen)

Samsung 19″ LCD monitors (2, equipment racks)

Various SDI/HDSDI/AES interface cards and bricks behind rack

AV Switching

DIY 1616 RGBHV (SVGA) matrix switcher for monitor wall

DIY 88 HDSDI matrix switcher

Sony DVS1616 1616 SDI matrix switcher

DIY 8x8x3 analog matrix switcher configured as 168 composite video and 88 AES (used for S/PDIF)

Belken 16-port KVM switcher


Panasonic PT-AE4000


Stewart GrayHawk (130″ wide, 16:9, 0.9 gain, not acoustically transparent)
DIY 4-way independent masking system


DIY LCR (triamped with digital crossover)

DIY front heights (2)

DIY side surrounds (2)

DIY rear surrounds (3)

DIY subwoofers (4)


DIY using broadcast and IT-grade cable; equivalent to Blue Jeans cables


DIY master controller (DOS computer, controls entire system)

iPad running iRule interfaced to master controller for total remote control

Power Conditioning

DIY balanced 6 kVA house feed (handles all but the servers in HT plus all TVs and DVRs in house via dedicated outlets)

Liebert GX2000 3 kVA UPS for servers, projector, storage (5-minute delayed shut off when system is off; dedicated 30A circuit)

Eaton/Powerware 1500 750 VA UPS for Dish DVR and house network/Wi-Fi gear (always on, fed from balanced power panel)

DIY balanced distribution power filter/controller with dedicated analog audio section (also includes power monitoring CPU)

DIY 3600W 3-circuit power sequencer for all power amps

DIY power controller for all servers and RAIDs (selected on/off depending on viewing source)


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Re: JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 02:21:53 pm »



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Re: JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2016, 11:34:47 pm »

Congrats Glimmie!

Great endorsement of MC from about 8:40.


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Re: JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2016, 01:57:43 pm »

Just ... wow!  :o


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Re: JRiver member Glimmie - Home Theater of the Month
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2016, 12:21:35 am »

Very nice setup. :)
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