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Author Topic: Z-Stick Instructions  (Read 5218 times)


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Z-Stick Instructions
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:11:47 pm »

The Z-Stick is a USB controller for Z-Wave.  It costs about $45.  It sends and receives radio signals to other Z-Wave devices.

Engen can talk to the Z-Stick.  Panel can control Engen.  Engen runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux.  Panel  runs on any browser.

Plug the Z-stick into your computer.  The USB port must be powered, and not on a hub.  Try several ports if necessary.

You may need to install a driver from Aeon Lab:

The Series 5 Z-Stick is white.  The older Series 2 is black.

If you have trouble, check in the Device Manager.  It should show up under Ports as UZB (COM10) or similar.

When it is plugged in, the lights will flash slowly in 3 different colors, about one flash per second.

To pair with another device, remove the Z-Stick and take it to the device.  Press the power button on the Z-Stick once so that it is blinking again.  Then press the activation button on the device, or in some cases, just power it on to put it in pairing mode.  Watch the Z-Stick closely when you do this.  If it finds the device, it will flash very quickly for about two seconds and then return to the slow flash.  You can then pair with additional devices.

When you're done, return the stick to your computer and insert it.  You may need to restart Engen.

Using the Z-Stick
You can see whether the pairing worked by opening the terminal program (right click on the Engen icon in the System Tray) and typing list_nodes() .  You should see something like this:

{ 1: None,
   2:  { 'basic_value': 0}
   3:  {  },

The above means that 2 and 3 have been paired.  1 is the controller itself.

The Web Page started from Engen's menu will give you examples of commands that you can use in a browser.
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