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Author Topic: Minor windows 10 Incompatibility with MC20 and probably all versions  (Read 3338 times)


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Just for information - after I installed Windows 10 I found that the right click context menu (known as  WIN X menu)on the Start which has useful shortcuts such as control panel. admin command prompt etc. most of the items were not working.  This annoyed me and I have spent quite a lot of time trying to sort  it.  There is a useful program called shellexview that displays all the context menu items and allows you to activate or deactivate them.  I deactivated all of them that were not microsoft owned and all the shortcuts now worked.  I gradually turned on the non Microsoft items and the one causing the incompatibility was any of the MC context entries.   Here is one of them. Copied from the shellexview program so formatted strangely in this post.

Media Center x64   Yes   Context Menu   Shell Extensions   Media Center 20   JRiver, Inc.   No   No   No   No   No   No   F:\Program Files (x86)\J River\Media Center 20\x64\JRShellExt.dll   .

Once all of the MC context entries (there is only one per version) were disabled my Win-X shortcuts worked again.  I can't say whether MC21 and 22 have the same issue as I haven't yet installed them but I have multiple lines for versions before 20 and they cause the same problem.   Hence the posting in the current forum.  Further searches on the internet showed others with the same problem and the same solution.  The impact is only that these shortcuts don't work.   If this can be easily fixed then that would be fine but no big issue and I post just so that any of you with the same problem have a solution

Peter Rowan


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Re: Minor windows 10 Incompatibility with MC20 and probably all versions
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2017, 10:21:42 pm »

I found this in MC 21 and reported it in its accompanying forum.

It's worrying that you found this in v20 and it's still a thing.  :-/
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