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Author Topic: Portable Install Tags Not Updating  (Read 1925 times)


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Portable Install Tags Not Updating
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:02:56 pm »

I switched to using a portable install a few months back and carry JRiver and all my music on my external hard drive with a copy on my laptop as well. I finally got some time to continue cleaning up my library and have just noticed that some tags aren't updating when I update them in MC using the portable install. In the past when I changed a field at the bottom of the screen it would show me that it is performing the update. It doesn't do that now that I'm using a portable install. When I right click on a file and select Library Tools -> Update Tags (from library) the pop up will say that it had a failure in updating the tag (1 files updated, 1 failures). What I find odd is that some of my filenames in MC are showing as my external hard drive Z:\Music and those files can be updated successfully but the files that are showing as (Install Drive):\Music can't. If I'm in Drives & Devices and right-click the folder and use the 'Import into Library', it will change the path to (Install Drive:\) and the tags will no longer update in either Drives & Devices or Audio. Also when I'm looking at my files in Drives & Devices and select the 'Only Show Files In Library' check box, only the filenames that are showing as Z:\Music will show even though a file that is listed as (Install Drive):\Music as a filename is in the library.

Do we have a workaround for this? I saw a similar problem for MC21 from back in May so I assume this is still a bug with the program or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?  ?
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