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Author Topic: NEW: Binary Sensors and Alarm Sensors (for motion, tilt, etc.)  (Read 3494 times)


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With the addition of binary sensors and alarm sensors, you may notice that some sensors are displaying new information. These new sensors work a bit differently than multilevel sensors because they do not clearly communicate what they are.  So we set them up to allow users to configure them.

Initially, a binary sensor or alarm sensor will display the message "Setup required." To set up a binary sensor or alarm sensor:

Click on the Name of the device, then choose Edit.

A device that supports binary sensors or alarm sensors should have a category of the appropriate name in the list of edit options. You can configure what the sensor displays on the main page when it hasn't received any data yet, when it returns a true response, and when it returns a false response. You will need to select the sensor from the dropdown list, but you only need to fill out one of the three response fields.

For example, a motion sensor will display the true response when it detects motion.


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Re: NEW: Binary Sensors and Alarm Sensors (for motion, tilt, etc.)
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 12:52:56 pm »

Great day Brad and others here,

I'm struggling to get the updated status off the 'Fibaro Universal binary sensor' in Engen.

At this stage i'm playing with two of those as test.
I've got a 9v battery and a push-button to it.

Trying to get an 'immediate' response of the IN1 and/or IN2 send to Engen (Gen5 USB dongle).
At the moment i'm getting a delay of 15-30 secs after each command at the input (push of a button)

My goal is to add such a sensor to our doorbell and to an monitor output of the alarmsystem (alarm on = kill all scenes in Lighting and visa-versa).

PlayPower would come into place and ultimately trigger MC to launch the surveillance cam at the frontdoor.

This last part i've got already working into Theater View. I have a shortcut, set besides Lighting, to launch Syno's Surveillance Station as client.
Now getting the automation part to work ...

Thanks in advance for any clue or pointing into the right direction, appreciated.
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