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Author Topic: Engen 1.0.50 -- Available Here  (Read 2629 times)


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Engen 1.0.50 -- Available Here
« on: March 31, 2017, 03:00:44 pm »

This is the latest version of Engen for Windows.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion. Non-bug posts will be deleted.



1.0.50 (3/31/2017)

1. Changed: When adding or removing a device, the alert message will provide the node address of the device.
2. Changed: Fixed the layout of the scene create and edit page so they look a bit nicer.
3. Fixed: Moved the checkbox for slider inputs to the same line as the slider because the tooltip was blocking the checkbox.

1.0.49 (3/27/2017)

1. Changed: The Engen web UI will now stack devices better and make better use of the space.
2. Changed: Scene creation now uses checkboxes to designate which inputs will be included in a scene. Switches no longer add inputs to a scene.
3. NEW: There is now a scene edit page where you can load a saved scene and add/change inputs.
4. NEW: Added support for the Fortrezz water sensor.
5. Fixed: Inputs would sometimes stop updating because the websocket would close.
6. Fixed: Add and remove node alerts were popping up incorrectly.

1.0.48 (3/17/2017)

1. NEW: Added support for the Aeon water sensor.
2. Changed: Sensors, power meters, battery levels, alarms, and devices that do not contain switches, dimmers, or color pickers no longer show up on the scene setup page.
3. Changed: Switch, dimmer, and color picker elements will always show on the scene setup page, even if they are set to be hidden.
4. Changed: Switch displays were made a bit smaller and subnode switches are even smaller to help differentiate them from primary switches.
5. Changed: Power meter displays round to two decimal places if the precision is three or more.
6. Changed: Adjusted the way power meter displays are formatted to fix some messy formatting with certain devices.

1.0.47 (3/15/2017)

1. NEW: Added support for alarms.
2. NEW: Added support for alarm sensors.
3. NEW: Added options under General on the device edit page to allow users to hide any device element(s).
4. Changed: The text for binary sensors requiring setup now displays "Setup required."
5. Changed: Increased the font size of the left-side menu and the device edit page.
6. Changed: Removed the message "No Data Yet" when the device hasn't sent any information yet.
7. Changed: Removed the table showing the user created input for binary sensors in the device edit page. It will now load that information into the input fields when the user selects a binary sensor.
8. Changed: When setting up a binary sensor or alarm sensor, some of the message fields can be left empty as long as the sensor is selected and one of the fields is filled out.
9. Changed: Improved networking response time.
10. Fixed: Powered devices were being told to go to sleep, as if they were battery devices.

1.0.46 (3/3/2017)

1. NEW: Added an option in the device edit page to hide subnodes. The main intent is to allow users to hide subnodes on devices where they are redundant.
2. NEW: Added support for binary sensors.
3. NEW: Added a way for users to set up the web interface display text for binary sensors on the device edit page.
4. Changed: Engen will interpret a battery level of 255 as a low battery warning.
5. Changed: Improved scheduling of z-wave traffic to improve reaction time to changes.

1.0.45 (2/14/2017)

1. Changed: Added another scene state. When all devices match the scene settings but all the devices are off, the scene will be dark green.
2. Changed: Made the formatting of current device configurations a bit nicer and set into a table on the device configuration page.
3. Fixed: Older scenes were not working with the new scene setup.
4. Fixed: Battery devices were showing No Data Yet instead of the actual value.

1.0.44 (2/10/2017)

1. NEW: Scenes now have different states. A scene's state is based on the device settings in the scene compared to the current device data.
2. Changed: The background color for a scene changes based on the scene state.
3. Changed: Scenes no longer have buttons. Instead, the scene itself is the button, and the behavior depends on the scene state.
4. NEW: Devices that support kWh can now have the value reset to 0 from the device edit page.
5. Changed: Power meters will now display 0 instead of 0.000 when the value is 0.

1.0.43 (2/3/2017)

1. NEW: Added a power meter display for devices that support taking electrical measurements. It currently supports Amps, Watts, Volts, and kWh.
2. Changed: Inputs now display "No Data Yet" if there is no information from the device.
3. Changed: Subnodes are now indented to set them apart from primary nodes.
4. NEW (Experimental): Devices that support configuration can now be configured from the device page on the web interface.
5. Fixed: Problems with controllers, including the minimote.
6. Changed: There is now a slight interval between messages to the same device to improve Z-wave network performance.

1.0.42 (1/17/2017)

1. NEW: Added alert notifications after scene creation, device edits, and button creation.
2. Changed: Updated the add/remove modal colors and formatting to be more visible.
3. Fixed: Color bulbs would only appear white after being added.

1.0.41 (1/13/2017)

1. NEW: Device values on the web interface are updated dynamically. They no longer require a page reload.
2. Fixed: Multichannel device support was broken.
3. Fixed: Successfully removing a device now triggers home.html to load.
4. Changed: All battery devices will show the battery level, not just unplugged sensors.
5. Changed: Clicking the Engen icon will return you to Panel if home is the active page.
6. Fixed: Clicking submit in the temperature configuration menu will no longer trigger an error if the calibration fields are blank.
7. Fixed: Scenes now work with multichannel devices.
8. Changed: Configurations were moved to the edit device page.
9. Fixed: Multichannel devices can be added.
10. Changed: Scenes on the web interface have set/off buttons.
11. Changed: Color picker improved to no longer support dark RGB values
12. Fixed: Multichannel devices that are multilevel now display properly.
13. Changed: Updated appearence of sensor devices.

1.0.40 (1/6/2017)

1. NEW: Added an option to change the temperature unit of measurement in the temperature configuration menu (the gear icon next to the temperature).
2. NEW: Battery sensors will now display the battery level when they are not plugged in.
3. NEW: The temperature can now be calibrated from the temperature configuration menu, instead of simply offset.
4. Changed: The current temperature unit of measurement will be displayed when the temperature configuration menu is loaded.
5. Changed: Greatly improved the device battery life by intelligently polling battery devices.
6. Fixed: Turning a scene off will now send the scene off command.
7. Changed: Scene toggles will default to off when a page reloads.
8. Fixed: After adding or removing a device, a description of the device added/removed is shown on the web page.
9. Fixed: A number of bugs were fixed in the command line interface, and the built-in help documentation was updated.
10. Changed: On non-windows systems, logging messages now show time in HH:MM:SS.sss format.
11. Fixed: ZWave Association data is now restored from the database as it should be.

1.0.39 (12/20/2016)

1. NEW: Added sensor support for Z-Wave sensors, currently supporting temperature, luminance, humidity, and UV index.
2. NEW: Added support for battery powered devices by having Engen listen for information constantly instead of asking for information.
3. NEW: Temperature can be adjusted for each sensor by clicking the gear icon next to the temperature display.
4. NEW: The configurations for devices are now stored in the Engen database so the information is always available, even if a device communicates infrequently.
5. Changed: Moved the device configuration information to a modal that can be accessed from the device page.

1.0.38 (12/6/2016)

1. NEW: Added a search box for Panel that can filter the list of scenes and devices.
2. Fixed: An issue was preventing Engen from running on 32-bit systems.
3. Changed: A large rewrite to the Engen code to make it more expandable.
4. Changed: The format of the database has changed. Engen will automatically update the database when it first runs. After the update, any old version of Engen is incompatible with the updated database

1.0.37 was an internal release for testing.

1.0.36 (10/24/2016)

1. Changed: Hide Devices and return to top links to just use symbols.
2. Fixed: A number of bugs associated with websockets.
3. Fixed: A bug where unnecessary threads were left running until shutdown.
4. Fixed: Some formatting bugs in logging messages.
5. Changed: The Engen home page will update every minute to keep device states updated.

1.0.35 (10/11/2016)

1. Changed: The web interface will accept POST wherever it accepted PATCH in the past.
2. Changed: Updated the documentation to say POST everywhere PATCH was previously specified.
3. Changed: The device list on home.html is now expanded initially.
4. Changed: Added an additional collapse button at the bottom of the expanded device list.
5. Changed: Added a button to return to the top of home.html at the bottom of the expanded device list.
6. Changed: The remove scene page would show Home as the active page instead of Setup.
7. Fixed: The link back to Panel would only work on the home page.

1.0.34 (10/4/2016)

1. NEW: Added a link to go back to Panel from Engen.
2. Changed: Added a changing icon in front of Devices to indicate a collapsible list.
3. Fixed: Scene devices sometimes would not turn off when toggled on and off quickly.
4. NEW: Added a feature allowing the log file to be monitored in real time from the command line interface, using the new watch() command.

1.0.33 (9/27/2016)

1. Fixed: Extended the range of testing ports because Engen was failing to find the UZB in some cases.
2. Changed: The collapsible device list was added back to home.html.

1.0.32 was an internal release for testing

1.0.31 (9/22/2016)

1. Changed: When there is more than one serial USB port on the machine, Engen now chats with the devices present, and determines whick of them are UZBs.  If there is more than one UZB, the program terminates with an error message, asking the user to choose the one she wants.

1.0.30 (9/21/2016)

1. Changed: Update to home.html to hide the bottom row of hardcoded buttons when the device list is collapsed.
2. NEW: Implemented the alarm, sensor binary and sensor multilevel command classes.
3. Fixed: On Linux & Mac, implemented a mechanism so only one copy of engen can run at a time.
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