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Author Topic: Engen 1.0.55 -- Available Here  (Read 2565 times)


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Engen 1.0.55 -- Available Here
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:00:14 pm »

This is the latest version of Engen for Windows.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion. Non-bug posts will be deleted.



1.0.55 (6/2/2017)

1. NEW: Added support for the Aeon Wallmote and the Remotec 8-button wall controller.
2. Changed: The search function on the web interface will now hide a category if all the cards in it are hidden.
3. Changed: Slightly increased the contrast of the web interface background colors.
4. Changed: Moved the add and remove category buttons to the setup page.
5. Fixed: If a node is unnamed and you try to configure its buttons, Engen would crash.
6. Fixed: Not all types of controllers would show up on the button configuration page.
7. Fixed: When verifying new-style buttons, Engen could crash.
8. Fixed: Changing device configurations on the web interface was broken.

1.0.54 (5/26/2017)

1. NEW: Implemented a new sortable web interface. Users can now create multiple categories and drag device cards to different categories. Users can also rearrange the order of the categories, as well as the devices inside the categories, and the layout will be saved.
2. Changed: Made several adjustments to the formatting of the web interface to make the pages more consistent.
3. Fixed: Scale and calibration settings for temperature sensors were getting deleted on the next data fetch after being configured.

1.0.53 (5/15/2017)

1. NEW: Implemented a new drag and drop extension to the web interface. You can now manually reorder devices by drag and drop when 'Layout' is unlock.
2. Changed: Subnode inputs are now hidden within a dropdown list. Just click on "+ More" to expand the subnode list.
3. Changed: Battery node polling is now more intelligent.
4. Changed: Engen is now more persistent about getting configuration information.
5. Changed: Improved error messages for path_set and path_get.
6. Changed: The database now stores more information for sensors so they show up when Engen starts.
7. Fixed: Unicode errors in the terminal interface.
8. Fixed: Changed sensor_binary and sensor_multilevel to work with Everspring temperature/humidity sensor.

1.0.52 (4/28/2017)

1. NEW: Devices can now be tagged when added to Engen from the web interface, and existing devices can also be tagged from the device edit page.
2. Changed: The edit scene dropdown menu now has an options to create a new scene, which generates a name input field.
3. Changed: The new scene and edit scene pages were merged into one scene setup page that can now handle both operations.
4. Changed: Checkboxes on the scene setup page are disabled until a valid option is selected from the dropdown menu.
5. Changed: Numerous internal changes to improve stability and compliance, as well as handle device tags.

1.0.51 (4/13/2017)

1. NEW: Added support to the web interface for warm white and cold white modes for color bulbs, including scene support.
2. Changed: Changed the color picker wheel to hide until the color swatch is clicked.
3. Changed: Added some pre-defined color swatches to the color picker wheel.
4. Changed: The Value parameter for device configurations will now accept hex as well as integers.

1.0.50 (3/31/2017)

1. Changed: When adding or removing a device, the alert message will provide the node address of the device.
2. Changed: Fixed the layout of the scene create and edit page so they look a bit nicer.
3. Fixed: Moved the checkbox for slider inputs to the same line as the slider because the tooltip was blocking the checkbox.

1.0.49 (3/27/2017)

1. Changed: The Engen web UI will now stack devices better and make better use of the space.
2. Changed: Scene creation now uses checkboxes to designate which inputs will be included in a scene. Switches no longer add inputs to a scene.
3. NEW: There is now a scene edit page where you can load a saved scene and add/change inputs.
4. NEW: Added support for the Fortrezz water sensor.
5. Fixed: Inputs would sometimes stop updating because the websocket would close.
6. Fixed: Add and remove node alerts were popping up incorrectly.

1.0.48 (3/17/2017)

1. NEW: Added support for the Aeon water sensor.
2. Changed: Sensors, power meters, battery levels, alarms, and devices that do not contain switches, dimmers, or color pickers no longer show up on the scene setup page.
3. Changed: Switch, dimmer, and color picker elements will always show on the scene setup page, even if they are set to be hidden.
4. Changed: Switch displays were made a bit smaller and subnode switches are even smaller to help differentiate them from primary switches.
5. Changed: Power meter displays round to two decimal places if the precision is three or more.
6. Changed: Adjusted the way power meter displays are formatted to fix some messy formatting with certain devices.

1.0.47 (3/15/2017)

1. NEW: Added support for alarms.
2. NEW: Added support for alarm sensors.
3. NEW: Added options under General on the device edit page to allow users to hide any device element(s).
4. Changed: The text for binary sensors requiring setup now displays "Setup required."
5. Changed: Increased the font size of the left-side menu and the device edit page.
6. Changed: Removed the message "No Data Yet" when the device hasn't sent any information yet.
7. Changed: Removed the table showing the user created input for binary sensors in the device edit page. It will now load that information into the input fields when the user selects a binary sensor.
8. Changed: When setting up a binary sensor or alarm sensor, some of the message fields can be left empty as long as the sensor is selected and one of the fields is filled out.
9. Changed: Improved networking response time.
10. Fixed: Powered devices were being told to go to sleep, as if they were battery devices.

1.0.46 (3/3/2017)

1. NEW: Added an option in the device edit page to hide subnodes. The main intent is to allow users to hide subnodes on devices where they are redundant.
2. NEW: Added support for binary sensors.
3. NEW: Added a way for users to set up the web interface display text for binary sensors on the device edit page.
4. Changed: Engen will interpret a battery level of 255 as a low battery warning.
5. Changed: Improved scheduling of z-wave traffic to improve reaction time to changes.
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