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Author Topic: (Possible) feature request? Split audio from video and stream to other zones  (Read 997 times)


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I posted in the v23 thread to see if this is possible, but got no response so assuming it's not currently and therefore a possible feature request...

I'd like the ability to stream the audio from video to multiple zones...

For instance, have the TV running in the lounge room through MC, but stream the AUDIO only (using ZoneSync) to a MC laptop in, say, the kitchen or another room.


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FYI - I have this working using Tuneblade right now.  One PC plays the Video/Audio and the rest just the Audio.... and it is all in sync (using Tune blade to send the audio via Airplay to both Airplay Speakers and PC's running Tuneblade's Airplay Receiver).  I'm keen to see how the new Zone Sync goes!
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