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Author Topic: Feature Request: DAB Digital Radio support - USB Tuners  (Read 1046 times)


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Feature Request: DAB Digital Radio support - USB Tuners
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:12:32 am »


I own a USB tuner that has the capability to receive DAB+ dignals....can MC24 add the support to play these signals?

I currently use a separate app called VivaRadio, but would like to centralize to MC if possible.
Here is the tuner type -


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Re: Feature Request: DAB Digital Radio support
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2018, 04:17:25 pm »

In the interim you might get good mileage out of an internet stream feed to MC.

Speaking in general terms, and if TV is any guide, one significant hurdle to entry will probably be the barrier due to standards that will apply from county to country. I think DAB is better but I don't know how much.

Good question to ask though. It would certainly be a feature that I would make use of. Could open up car audio possibilities.
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