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Author Topic: Improvement Request: VST hosting  (Read 842 times)


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Improvement Request: VST hosting
« on: April 08, 2018, 09:56:14 am »


Since 2009 I've had problems hosting certain commercial VST plugins within MC (e.g. manufacturers: IK Multimedia, iZotope).

The same VST plugins have always worked fine within more conventional hosts like Steinberg Cubase and Adobe Audition.


-Dropdown menus containing presets (within the actual VST gui) are unpopulated; cannot select any preset
-The VST gui is presented extremely tiny; you have to get a magnifying glass and use surgical mousing to click anything
-Audible clicks are heard when the sample rate is being changed

As a workaround I've been loading an additional VST as a "wrapper" (e.g., Plogue Bidule), and loading the VST I want to use within that. (Think: VST within VST.)

However, this is:

-Cumbersome to install
-Cumbersome to make adjustments to the VST wrapped within the other VST
-Does not always address all of the issues

Anything MC24 can do to update/improve its VST hosting code will be greatly appreciated.

Thought: Maybe Steinberg has an updated version available to software manufacturers\licencees?

Derek Pert
(Windows 11 Pro x64 / 32GB RAM)
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