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Author Topic: Issues streaming Radio Paradise to renderer  (Read 761 times)


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Issues streaming Radio Paradise to renderer
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:34:42 pm »

When using Radio Paradise in the new Streaming section, if playing locally then the playlist seems to advance and behave as expected.
But if I play to a remote device either another system with MC installed or my Oppo 203 as a DLNA renderer, then playing the first track initially appears to be working as expected except the track length is reported remotely as in the region of 18 minutes, upon further investigation it becomes apparent that the first 5 tracks have been pushed as a single 18min entity.
This then starts to go wrong as it plays though the second track without updating the song name, artist and cover art either locally in MC or remotely on the renderer, this continues until it reaches the end of the sequence of five tracks at which point MC then progresses to play the second track the remote info is updated to reflect the second track but it starts to repeat the whole 18min section from the first track again. This continues with the same full 18min section of all five tracks playing each time the track advances in MC.
This issue is also seen if you try to pick a track within the playlist, if it doesn’t happen to be the first within its sequence of 5 tracks then the track that IS the first plays instead.

Additionally, if I try to render onto my Pioneer LX77 AV amp it fails with the message “There was a problem controlling the selected DLNA device.” But pushing a FLAC file from my library to the LX77 works fine.
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