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Author Topic: New in MC24  (Read 55420 times)


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New in MC24
« on: February 21, 2018, 01:09:54 pm »

Playlist Upload to JRiver -- Playlists and their media files can be uploaded to JRiver's Amazon S3 server and played back from another computer.  The files will be used for Radio JRiver.  JRiver pays appropriate royalties.

Radio JRiver -- JRiver's own FLAC radio stations.  Listener supported.

Several more screenshots

Streaming is now a top level category, like Audio or Video.  It replaces the old "Connected Media".  Streaming has a totally new interface.

Radio Paradise -- Lossless FLAC streaming from a listener supported station.

Radio FIP, Radio Swiss Classic, BBC World Service

Improved Radio Streaming -- OggVorbis streams (eg. from Icecast servers), Opus streams (also from Icecast servers), FLAC-in-Ogg streams

Choice of or  (Options > Services)

Full Screen Browser Mode (F11) -- useful for YouTube and other services

Video and TV
Blu-ray Menus

UHD Blu-ray Title Playback

TV Post-Process Command -- Executes a Command after recording

Quality Presets for Red October -- Easy way to get the best out of madVR without configuring it directly.

New Default Skin:  Modern Cards: Grey Edition

Sidecar support for audio, data, images, as well as video files.

Wake on LAN extended (From Library Server Clients and To DLNA renderers)

Handheld Sync Support in MC 64 bit

ZoneSync 2 -- play audio in multiple zones, at the same time.

Zone Groups -- similar to Playlist Groups

Easy way to enter letters with diacritical marks in edit boxes (accents, umlauts, etc.)

Themes for Panel.  Light Theme available now.

Panel Ratings, Add to Playlist, Play with Play Doctor



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Re: New in MC24
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 03:15:25 am »

NEW: The maximum memory playback size allocated is expanded to 4 GB from 1 GB on 64-bit builds.

NEW: The WDM driver is now certified by Microsoft for full Windows 10 compatibility.

NEW: Panel - Added sleep and hibernate commands to the power settings page in system settings.

NEW: Panel - More file information for music can be shown by clicking on the cover art image.

NEW: Support for playing Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus in audio-only MP4 files.

NEW: MC will open and parse Foobar sidecar files for SACD ISO files if JRiver sidecar files are not present.

NEW: Panel - Added a streaming page that will show up when playing to the 'Player' zone.

NEW: Added Radio Fip to the Streaming section.

NEW: Panel - Added an option to the play context menu to play with Play Doctor.

NEW: Panel - Added a menu with Play options.
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