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Author Topic: Oppo 105 and JRiver Media Server 24 stops after 2-3 songs in list  (Read 508 times)


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Hi, I have an issue where a Oppo 105 stops playing songs in a list after 3-4 songs (or album), always between songs.
I use a tablet with Gizmo to control JRiver\Oppo, and the Media server runs on a Windows 10 Pro PC version 1809.
The Oppo is connected via a Gigabit Ethernet network, not WiFi.

When I use the JRiver Media center 'directly' playing to the Oppo from the PC, it works fine though.
Only when using the media server it gives me this problem.

I tried different DLNA server setups, Generic or Audiophile, but no difference.
Audio is uncompressed wave files, no conversion.
There seems to be quite a few settings to play with for DLNA video, but not much for audio.

Any idea?
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