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Author Topic: What happened to my Cover Art capabilities?  (Read 1042 times)


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What happened to my Cover Art capabilities?
« on: August 04, 2019, 05:43:43 pm »

Starting about 3+ days ago, Cover Art is not working properly anymore.  When I add a new TV Show Series to my library I can still do "Get Movie & TV Info...".  Next, I would usually go through and highlight the episodes in a particular Season and right-click > Cover Art > Get From Internet.  I would rinse and repeat for the remain Seasons and I usually would click on the main Series Poster, right-click > Cover Art > Get From Internet.  Finally, I would be done with that new Series I just added.  I do understand that in most circumstances I could right-click on the main Series Poster Art and select the main Poster I'd like along with every identified Season.  It would show me what I currently have and what JRiver has gathered and offered to me. 

All pretty slick and painless.  Oh, I forgot... There would occasionally be times where I would have to go to or FanArt.TV and on rare occasions even Google Images.  When I found what I liked through searching I would right-click the image and select Copy Image (Chrome).  Then I would go back to my library in JRiver and I would right-click on what I was trying to change/set-up and select Cover Art > Paste from Clipboard (Image or URL) and the image would now appear where I wanted it in JRiver.

Unfortunately, none of that is working anymore.

Last night I imported a bunch of Doctor Who episodes that weren't exactly organized all that well.  It took me a while, but I finally had all the Episodes into their proper Seasons.  Get Movie & TV Info would put all of the wanted info in the right spots.  For some reason, it had my Seasons grouped properly, but it had Season Cover Art for the older Doctor Who Series, (60s - 70s).  When I right-clicked > Cover Art > Get From Internet it would offer no options for the Main Series Poster or the individual Seasons.  So, I manually grabbed a nice Poster from and I did repeated for the remain 7 or 8 Seasons.  Finally, I found a nice Poster for the Main Cover and when I pasted it in its place in JRiver it changed every single files (127 episodes) Cover Art.

I ended up doing some experiments like separating a single Season and seeing how it would behave.  Now, no matter what I pasted when having Season 1 selected it would change that Season's Cover Art perfectly, but it would also change the Main Art! I navigated to AppData..\\..\Cover Art\Season (or Series) and none of the Cover Art images were in the folders.  What WAS in those folders was still the old, original 1960s & 1970s Cover Art files!  WTF?!  I have thousands of TV Shows properly setup by Series & Season and showing the exact Cover Art file I want. 

All of a sudden, this isn't just happening to my Doctor Who Series.  I tried to mock Cover Art changes for Family Guy, for instance, and when I select Cover Art > Get From Internet the box pops up and will show me what I have selected for the Main Cover Art image and all the individual Season Cover Art, but once again it would not offer me the opportunity to switch to something else.  I tried with 2 more Series and they're all screwing up like Doctor Who did.


Notice the Cover saved as Doctor Who series.

Notice the old Doctor Who Season Cover Art.


This is a screen capture direct from JRiver.

Notice the small Cover Art for the Series (Red Box).  It matches the Doctor Who.jpg file from the Windows Explorer image I pasted.  Likewise, you'll see that the Season 1 Cover Art seems to jive with the Season 1 .jpg shown above.  However, if I mouse over any episodes or right-click > Cover Art > View (First File), what comes up is the big image in the Yellow Box.  Also, if I try a Cover Art > Get From Internet it still won't offer me even a single recommended image.  The image in Yellow was obtained by me manually to use as the Season 1 Cover Art. During different tries, if I tried changing the Series Cover Art it would not only change that image, but all Season images and all individual episode images.

Please...I'm pulling my hair out.  Did I manually change something for this to happen? I can't remember adjusting ANY settings in weeks. Sorry this was so long.  I don't even want to add more shows to JRiver because of this.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: What happened to my Cover Art capabilities?
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 08:25:28 pm »

Slow down. Nothing is broken. Nothing has changed. It is just that Doctor Who is a particularly difficult Series, because TheTVDB names the original 1960's Series "Doctor Who" and the later Series "Doctor Who (2005)". If you searched the forum you would have found lots of information on the issue.

Also note, when you copy an image and then use the "Paste from Clipboard (Image or URL)" function, it will always add that image to the selected Episode files. Always has. Always will. If you select the top-level Series poster and then paste an image, that image will be applied to all Episodes. If you select one Episode, the image will be applied to just the Episode. A pasted image will never be applied as a Series or Season poster.

The only ways to add Series and Season Cover Art in MC is to use the right-click > Cover Art > Get From Internet, or to place image files into the correct locations under AppData..\\..\Cover Art\Season (or Series) with a file name that matches the format used by MC. Looking at samples in that directory will show you how to name them. But "Get From Internet" should work fine once you have fixed the issue with Doctor Who, as below.

So, I am going to assume that you have none of the original 1960's Series "Doctor Who", and are only interested in the later Series "Doctor Who (2005)". Do this:

Select any Episode of Doctor Who.
Open the tag window
Find the [TheTVDB Series ID] tag. Using the search field at the bottom is easiest.
Change the value in that field to 78804. That is the correct value for the "Doctor Who (2005)" Series.
Check the tag for a few other Episodes of Doctor Who. You will see that they are all the above value now.

Now run the "Get Movie & TV Info..." across all Episodes. You should be able to do that in one go, but perhaps test a few first. Then run "Get From Internet" from the top-level Series poster and update the Series and all Season posters.

Done. Easy.

If you have issues, read the Cover Art Wiki again. But you seem to understand how it works. Or just search the forum for lots of threads discussing the "Doctor Who (2005)" Series.
What specific version of MC you are running:MC27.0.27 @ Oct 27, 2020 and updating regularly Jim!                        MC Release Notes:
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Re: What happened to my Cover Art capabilities?
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2019, 06:24:07 am »

Thanks for the prompt response.  I knew I shouldn't have used the newer Doctor Who series as my example to explain this problem.  I did have all 10 seasons named "Doctor Who (2005)". I started experimenting due to the problems I was experiencing and I unwisely chose that series to complain about.

I think I wrote that this problem was plaguing me with ALL Series/Seasons of every TV Show in my Library.  My Family Guy entries are all perfectly set in JRiver.  There is a unique main Series Poster and each Season has unique Cover Art.  That was all set up by using "Get From Internet..." and selecting the images for each Season, etc.  But yesterday "Get From Internet..." would not do a darn thing.  Not a single image would be underneath my current image to select something different.  Every Series I tried was like this, which is why I believed there must have been something wrong with JRiver.

I hopped on JRiver about an hour ago, before I even read your response and everything was now working at it should!  I was stunned.  I now believe there must have been something wrong with - for some reason it just wouldn't send me anything.

I apologize for wasting your time.  But, I was going out of my mind.  I am so, so, so happy things are working normally again.

Thank you for the response.
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