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Author Topic: Questions about JRiver functionality  (Read 2516 times)


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Questions about JRiver functionality
« on: July 07, 2019, 06:59:15 pm »

I follow JRiver since more 15 years without buy it  ( Microsoft mediaCenter was very nice ) and see in 2019 many good tool since there is no really master tool that do all very well .
I see many good tools like android media services ( play film , youtube music .....) , vlc , kodi , cyberlink powerDVD, DVB Dream  . I read  that Windows media center can now be install on windows 10 and that Xbox can be use with windows 10 PC using IP  and windows app lle be run on XBox !

My Question is does dll install by power DVD  are install in OS level so any media/TV  softwares like JRiver can use the functionnalities  install by cyberlink  ?

I really like the way DVB Dream work for render media content : it can use MPC or VLC  and VLC is really good when se e the number of supported codec ! In a way Microsoft  is OLE environnement and why implement the wheel if the wheel alread exist !! Android do that for all application and many application use tiers applications even if the name of application is hidden by it parent application but the look and feel let us discover which tool is use !!

Even google film don't seem to support cast the same media ( video track , subtitle track , audio track) to different rendering  device ( screen for image and speaker for audio), the main functionalities ll be to be able to configure sync of audio refer to video when use wifi or bluetooth audio speaker ( chromecsast audio, monitoring powered speaker )  ! VLC seem to do that ( red not test) . Cast protocol  base on wifi   like Play Fi or chromecast or airplay should be the minimal default supported protocol !

Using google  ok speaker is really nice since it use tuneIn service for ear music , JRiver should be control by voice and i sure that remote bluetooth microphone ll appear soon ( bluetooth headset with microphone let do that so need feedback using speech voice like cortana).

Does the funcionalities above are already implemented in JRiver ?!
I know it is a lot of work but i want only to know what JRiver support in june 2019 ( i see there is a new version each year)




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Re: Questions about JRiver functionality
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2019, 07:12:23 pm »

Why don't you download and use the trial version to see whether it suits your needs?
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