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Author Topic: IPad Pro and iPhone: JRemote crashes immediately trying to play video to device  (Read 1702 times)

Mike Foran

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Attempting to play any video to “this device” on both an iPad Pro and an iPhone 8 results in an immediate crash to the home screen.


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also posted here:


just updated to latest iPad OS and it made no difference.  I've been holding off on updating JRemote on my iPhone until this is fixed since there is no way to downgrade an app

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Seeing the same on an iPhone 7, IOS 13.1.3.

Audio plays fine, video crashes the app immediately.


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+ 1.

I have extensively tested this problem.
It is definitely a JRemote issue - why?

I can browse to the same target file on the same server from the same (iOS) client device outside of JRemote and open the target file and it plays flawlessly on all the iOS devices. Ultimately the video (H264 AAC) is decoding in hardware on the iPad, no matter how the item is selected. The same file plays flawlessly on other hardware decoders (two other TV devices, different brands) and an Amazon Fire TV device all from the single DNLA player configured in MC.

All devices (2x Ipad different versions and an iPhone 8 plus) are running IOS 13.3 (current)

Hopefully this will help a repro for whoever may invest some cycles to repair this issue.


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Hello.   My iPhone app for jremote has suddenly crashed every time I open it.   If I go to my iphone settings and turn off allow access to local network, the jremote will not crash, but also of course will not connect to my jriver library.   This is the only way I can access the jriver settings.   I've tried playing with some of the ones mentioned on the board, like turning the articles on and off.   Nothing works for me.

Please help.

Thank you.

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