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Author Topic: Using Wizard for Search Edit Box  (Read 507 times)


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Using Wizard for Search Edit Box
« on: December 31, 2019, 03:41:11 am »

Please help someone, this is doing my head in.....
So after listening to SBS chill or DI.FM I'll look to see if I've got the track I heard by saving a list to a file.
So the way I search is I'll have a file then import into the search box
E.g. in the file...
OR([Artist]=[Air] AND [Name]=[All I Need])
OR([Artist]=[Air] AND [Name]=[Alone In Kyoto])
plus fifty or more lines, problem is there's no way to click okay because once imported the search box goes off  screen.
So the way I do it is;
In search box I select "Wizard"
then "Import/Export", then "Load" then Okay
Then it generates the Edit Search box where the problem is.

Please help anyone
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