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Author Topic: How to organize views  (Read 1165 times)


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How to organize views
« on: March 02, 2020, 03:21:34 pm »

1st off i love cover art view,by albums/artist etc,i use to love the 3D scroll,but these days my eyesight has got worse in last 6 months,and the thumbs are not near large enough,(as it is i have to pull my couch up to tv)in albums/artist etc view i can adjust size,and that is beautiful

i need to ask a few questions here,how can i do the following

1.A) Organize artists/cover art view by hard drive? Will the display allow to be organized by folder/HDD?

B) and in some cases  by folders without cover art(this would allow me to just bulk click all w/out art and get cover art from internet,as f now i have to scroll and find folders w/out art and click one at a time,with multi thousands of files this takes an eternity.Ie last week i did 13500 clicks to get art LOL)

Did i mention browsing by cover art is beautiful :)

EDIT: i forgot to mention that when i click to get are from internet i get results,hit apply but no art is applied in many cases?

i am also on Windows 10



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Re: How to organize views
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2020, 04:27:54 am »

My 2p on this (just my opinion):

1)  Lose the concept of caring where files are stored (ie browsing by HDD). Good tagging of files negates the need for this. Now if your tagging isn't 'good' then this seems to be a crazy idea BUT once tagging is good enough the benefits are worth the effort.

2) Use something like MP3Tag to tag outside MC. The global 'grid' view makes it easy to get an overview of a folder or your entire collection. Sorting by column shows you where things are missing. It IS based on file location so you'll feel right at home straight away :-) It supports 'macros' too :-)

3) You may need to tweak some views to take advantage on the tags you've changed /added.

4) You'll need to get MC to scan the files you've edited to pick up the changes and add them to its database.

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