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Author Topic: Must always restart MC24 when switching zones - Open Live ASIO Input RME UFX  (Read 1359 times)


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I`m playing vinyl through RME mic-inputs 11 and 12 in a separate zone. I`m using Open Live, ASIO input, Channel Offset set to 0. In Windows7 channel 11 and 12 is set to Default Recording Device, and Listen To This Device is selected. MC24 is selectes as Default Playback Device.

I`m using the MC24 Convolution Engine, and have a separate convolution filter with RIAA-correction for vinyl. When I want to play something through he MC24 WDM-driver, eg Tidal, I switch to a different zone with a different
 convolution filter. My problem is now is that I don`t get any sound anymore. The MC24 Audio Path shows Nothing Playing. If I close MC24, and restart everything works fine again, and MC24 is using the correct zone and convolution filter.

I`m not sure if this is a RME or MC24 issue?
Also, I saw some discussion of a channel selector, to be able to select different input sources, without to have to reconfigure the ASIO-input settings. Is this something that made its way into MC26? Would make it worth while to upgrade..
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