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Author Topic: Windows 10 system tray sound volume fader while running MC 24  (Read 1663 times)


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Windows 10 system tray sound volume fader while running MC 24
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:27:16 pm »

I have made all the proper settings in Windows to allow JRiver MC 24 to take exclusive control of the audio and I have my DAC connected via USB and Audio Device settings to the DAC using ASIO. and I can tell that it overrides the system bit depth and sampling rate settings because the DAC displays correct sampling rate for the files I play. Everything appears to be working correctly, but...

I was surprised to find the Windows system tray volume control (fader pops up when I left click the speaker icon) is active while JRiver is playing. I thought this Windows volume control should be disabled while JRiver has control of the audio output? All other system sounds and other sound playback are silenced when JRiver is playing, so I know that is working. But if the Windows volume control is able to control the volume output of JRiver, then isn't the Windows sound card mixing the audio, when I thought it would be disabled by clicking the boxes in advanced properties for the output device which allow other apps to take exclusive control and to have priority.

Have I got something configured incorrectly, or do other users experience the same thing when playing JRiver using Windows 10? I tried selecting WASAPI instead of ASIO for the DAC in Audio Settings tool window and it makes no difference.
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