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Author Topic: Using one MC to access another  (Read 1495 times)


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Using one MC to access another
« on: January 17, 2021, 04:17:06 pm »

Using on MC to control another MC

Good day

i must admit i was feeling rather chuffed when i thought i sussed how to use one version on my laptop to control/access the main version/library on my desktop

i can actually see it.The libraries etc,but when i try to play anything i get this

"The file `m01p://`  does not exist

i am using exact same versions of MC 24 on both machines.Desktop is Win 10,laptop is Win 7(Tablet where i really want to run it is win 8.Nothing MC installed there )

This is how i went about getting this far

On my desktop where all my music is in MC i went to tools-options-menu and media network and checked "Use media network to share this library and enable DLNA

Odd i can play the music from that Desktop library thru my Laptop . i hear music from my laptop,which i do not want.i want it through my stereo like my Desktop MC does.

i can see playing now on my laptop,but not on my desktop MC which is open.i have the Desktop instance open,but see no activity there

On my Laptop i still have no access to IE Locate-on external disc.i get that above error

i have port 52199 open as well

Am i even close yet to getting it to play thru my home stereo as my Desktop MC does?

i know on either gizmo or Jremote2 there is a setting on where to stream/play music to.So i always choose home stereo.Is that the step somewhere i missed here?

Please advise


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Re: Using one MC to access another
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2021, 06:38:08 pm »

Update mates

Great news i got it all synced. It just takes some thinking that hurt my cerebellum lol

The MC menus are deep and extensive but once you navigate them the are quite intuitive

But i still have 2 questions please

i am now running MC from my Win 8 tablet

1.Do i not have write access? When i R click a file playing and Locate-on ext/or internal i get msg that file does not exist

2.Is there a way to have the playing now art work expand to fill the screen like i do in my main MC when i double click playing now artwork it expands on my screen to fill it. The artwork is in upper right corner between name and time of file in play and search bar. But no artwork in center of screen where i can tap to expand


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