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Author Topic: Multiple Duplicates Upon Converting Files- A Recurring Problem  (Read 1526 times)


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Hi JRiver MC Members;

I have posted about my difficulties with duplicate songs on my audio library before. I have been told many times that I must be doing something wrong, as the Media Center 27 does not create duplicates.

It started when I did a test run. I converted my personal library from A through C only; Converting from MP4 files to AIFF files. Some songs on albums duplicated twice. Some songs, three, four, up to nine duplicate versions of the original MP4 files. When I used the smartlist duplicate finder, my 2 TB operating system crashed. That crash likely was a result of having thousands of duplicated songs. Over months, I managed to remove most of the duplicated songs manually.

Can anybody assist me with information as to how to safely convert my entire library to AIFF, or FLAC files, without the multiple duplicate song problem?

Thanks For All or Any Advice,

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