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Author Topic: Title area text size  (Read 1271 times)


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Title area text size
« on: May 31, 2021, 10:43:50 am »

I know how to change the view size ( View > Size).
I know how to set the font name and font size ( Tools > Options > Tree & View > Advanced > Select font).

It seems these two options don't affect the text size in the title area.
I have a very big screen and I use the 4K resolution ... and I see a very small text in this area.

Is there a way to increase the text size in this area?
In its context menu, I can select Customize Display but I don't see an option to increase the font size.

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if my English is not good enough.

Manjaro Linux KDE:
- Plasma 5.21.5
- KDE Frameworks 5.82.0
- Qt version: 5.15.2
- Kernel: 5.11.19-1
- OS type: 64-bit
- Graphics platform: X11

- Intel i9 9900 (16 processors)
- Memory 32 GiB
- Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics

- Version 27.0.84
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