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Author Topic: bruray chapter issues in MC24.0.78  (Read 1708 times)


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bruray chapter issues in MC24.0.78
« on: August 29, 2021, 10:03:33 am »

I haven't tried to the Chapters option before because the only media I have with chapters is Breaking Bad The Complete Series (boxed set) and haven't tried playing it until recently.

The first thing I noticed it was that the mouse doesn't work on the chapters menu pop-up, but I can navigate it with a keyboard; is this as designed?

Second, once I get into Chapters, they seem to work fine.

The problem I'm having is actually getting to the menu navigation screen. When I click on the "Use full menu navigation" button, sometimes it works, but more often it goes black full screen and does nothing further. Moving the mouse to the top of the screen displays the play transport controls bar, but nothing plays.

The first thing I tried was playing the br disc with the "Play main title only" button thinking that it would play all chapters, but this behavior didn't happen, it did not play at least the last chapter, and maybe more, I haven't checked the whole disc, but it did play the third chapter of 4.

I thought I might have a faulty rip, so I tried playing the iso, and found the same behavior- couldn't access the 4th chapter (didn't check all other chapters). So I played the original disc in an Oppo Bluray player and it worked fine, so not a faulty disc.

Next I checked all the other disc rips from this series in JRiver, and found a few that worked and a lot that didn't work, so I started the process over to fully document which worked and which didn't, and one or 2 that previously worked no longer worked, and one that hadn't worked before now worked, at least once, and went through them one more time and found that almost all of them didn't work (and by "work" I mean the menu option was working and I was able to select chapters and play them).

So I re-started JRiver, and one or 2 worked but the majority did not, and there was no correlation between which ones worked and which ones didn't on previous or successive attempts to play through the 'chapter menu' option.

I re-created the isos from the original discs (with WinISO) and created them again with a different program (AnyDVD HD, latest version), they checksum identically with the original isos I created, so don't think this is a disc issue. And, I don't normally use bluray isos with JRiver, I use rips done with JRiver.

So, from the little I think I understand about about chapterized discs, they depend on java? for playback, and that's what the menu option in JRiver uses, and playing back an iso through JRiver and not seeing all of the disc is normal?

So the issue I need to figure out is why the rips fail to start most of the time when I use the "menu" option (the rips always work when I use the "play main title only" option, albeit not all chapters (for lack of java?) - if there is a dependency like this, whatever it is, it must be installed, otherwise it wouldn't work some times, right? [edit: just found the article about menus on yabb, which explains why I can't see java installed on the system, and that it and any other dependencies are automatically installed by JRiver).

So it's down to why the rips don't start in 'menu' mode alone, and when I search on yabb, I can see some citations about some discs not working, but they don't have links to the pages they are excerpted from.

I found that I actually did have multi-episode blurays I forgot about:
    Ray Donovan, multiple seasons- menus work as expected
    The Newsroom, all seasons- menus work as expected
    Jessica Jones, all seasons- menus work as expected
    Houses of Cards, all seasons- menus work as expected
    Damages, all seasons- menus work as expected, one disc reported needed AnyDVD HD or
         DVDFab Passkey for Bluray- surprising since I ripped the entire set w AnyDVD at the
         same time.
Planet Earth, all episodes- menus work as expected
Band of Brothers, all episodes- menus did not work as expected, but after repeatedly trying to
    change them using different (non-standard) ways I was able to make  them function

I found that menus could be changed by keyboard only on the majority of disc rips.
Luther and one other, menus could be changed by mouse only, keyboard did not work

The problem seems to be with Breaking Bad, the Complete Series boxed set. Yesterday I was
    able to get a few of the discs to work, but last night I couldn't get any of the discs to
    produce a chapter menu.

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