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Author Topic: JRemote 3.36 Video transcoding misses soft subtitles  (Read 1114 times)


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JRemote 3.36 Video transcoding misses soft subtitles
« on: December 06, 2021, 09:53:48 pm »

So I have taken MC out of audio-only mode and started to add video content to my library again. I have a number of foreign language titles with soft subtitles—that is, subtitles that are not encoded directly into the video, but are stored in a separate text file (.ass) in the container (.mkv). I have created particles for each of these titles and set the [Playback Info] field so that the subs always display when playing to MC locally; however when pulling them to JRemote, no subs are rendered.

I have also tried setting playback info on the stack top (source/non-particle). Same result.

My understanding, based on the fact that there is no “Transcode video” option to turn off, is that video content is always transcoded. Also, the transcoding process should encode the subs into the video stream and deliver it on the fly, yes? Or am I mistaken?

UPDATE: It looks like it doesn’t work in Panel either… Are there any workarounds short of transcoding the subs directly into the video streams?

UPDATE 2: Not even transcoding fixes the problem. I’m guessing I need to convert these subs into subpictures to make this work… 😫

UPDATE 3: Ended up getting Handbrake and using its burn-in feature to produce hardsubbed duplicates, but honestly, this is absolutely the opposite of ideal. Is there any way a similar feature could be implemented in the transcoding process of MC/Panel/JRemote, where input is dependent on the [Playback Info] field?
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