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Author Topic: JRemote2 Purchased from Google Play reinstall question  (Read 505 times)

Sky King

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JRemote2 Purchased from Google Play reinstall question
« on: April 29, 2022, 09:00:12 am »


On April 27, I purchased JRemote2 from Google Play for $9.99.  Subsequent to the installation, my device, FiiO M17 developed an issue that required the device be returned to factory conditions.  Resetting the device got rid of the installation of JRemote2 and I am trying to reinstall it.  Not being familiar with Google Play, I thought it might work like the Apple store where it remembered that you had purchased the product before and would allow you to reinstall it again.

Apparently Google Play does not seem to remember that I purchased JRemote2 and now it wants another $9.99 to reinstall it.  Is there anything you can do to help me get JREmote2 reinstalled without charging me a second time?

Thank you!


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Re: JRemote2 Purchased from Google Play reinstall question
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2022, 09:27:18 am »

Google Play does in fact let you reinstall apps you have purchased, and move them around. I suspect you're using a different email to log in to Google Play. Use the same email you purchased it with and you'll be able to download it again.
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