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Author Topic: No longer able to transfer playlist to USB devices  (Read 538 times)


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No longer able to transfer playlist to USB devices
« on: August 08, 2022, 11:36:22 am »

I changed the tile in the hope someone my see this and offer some ideas.  I have been using MC for about 7 years but am about to give up on it.  Release 29 seems like a major regression.

I am running running Media Center 29.0.58 on my iMac Pro running MacOS 12.5.  I am using USB 3.0 Sandisk drives.  They are 128 and 64 GB sizes.  Since I use them in my car system, I have been using FAT-32 for the file system layout which I have been using for many years. (I also tried the standard MAC format and that did not fix anything).  I am using playlists and smart playlists and that does not seem to make a difference either. 

The first image shows and example play list.  Notice that on the computer disk Media Center calculated the size at 136GB.

I have used these two USB drives before and they have held the same data I wanted to send to them. Now each time I try this, I get an "Over Capacity" message. See the second image "OverCapacity"

The settings I have used in the past is to convert everything to mp3 format at 320kpbs.  I have fit the same music before on these USB drives.  I have deleted them from Media Center and erased them several times and redefined them in Media Center and this did not help.  I even tried FLAC at level 8. By the way when I went from 6 to 8, the amount over capacity did not appear to change.

It appears to me as if the space used is calculating based on what is on the disk, not after the conversion.  Some of the originals are DSD single, dual, and quad rate so the reduction in file size should be quite large.

Any suggestions. Thank you.
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