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Author Topic: Sending keyboard commands to JRiver when it is in the background  (Read 148 times)


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Hello all, I am a bit stumped by how to solve this problem. I use JRiver both to play files, and also as a convolution engine for all Windows sounds. This means that if I run a streaming app like Idagio, the output from Idagio is sent to JRiver via WDM. JRiver then does the convolution and sends it to the DAC. I also find numerous other features of JRiver, like the ISO226 volume control, to be invaluable. I normally control JRiver using my multimedia keyboard, which has dedicated volume control keys, as well as keys for play, pause, next track, etc.

However, if I am using Idagio, that app has to be the active window, whilst JRiver runs in the background. But I still want to use the JRiver volume control. How do I send volume control commands to JRiver without making JRiver the active window?
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