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Author Topic: Client problem with Television  (Read 2083 times)


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Client problem with Television
« on: June 01, 2023, 10:04:18 am »

I am just moving from BeyondTV to MC. I used BTV for OTA ATSC Recording and viewing. I have set up my MC in server mode on the main server (Win 10 Pro), have imported my media files including my BTV tp recordings, and have setup my ATSC Tuners, channel scans, and guide successfully. I have also successfully set up my living room HTPC (Win 10 Home) with MC in client mode.

All files on the server, including BTV tp files with comskip info, play perfectly on the the MC client, except playing MC live TV and/or MC recorded shows. I looked at the logs and there seems to be an message about "Graph not available"? (forgive me but I don't have access to the log file for the exact message right now). In anycase, it reminded me of dealing with directshow pins and filter graphs about 20 years. All stuff I have long since forgotten.

Any clue what I might be missing?



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Re: Client problem with Television
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2023, 03:01:45 pm »

MC Server > Client setup can be confusing because it can depend a lot on what tuning method you are using, BDA (directshow ATSC) or DMS (tuner stream)... Generally:

If using BDA (directshow ATSC) = ALL the tuner setup and guide download is done on the Server, then you should "disable" all tuner devices on the Client.

If using DMS (tuner stream) = Tuner setup and guide download is done on every machine. This can result in tuner conflicts because the Server cannot see if/when any Client might be using tuners. Also, bitstreaming audio won't work for live tv.
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Re: Client problem with Television
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2023, 04:35:23 pm »

So I have a mix of tuners. (See screen snip). I noticed that there are a mix of "types" of tuners in the channel lineup as well. I will try a couple things and get back.


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Re: Client problem with Television
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2023, 06:52:34 pm »

Tuners that are labeled "digital" are bda tuners (ATSC or DVB).  The corresponding channels are ATSC channels in the USA, and DVB/T/C/S channels in DVB world.

Your HDHomeRun tuners can be used as bda tuners as well as DMS tuners.  If you use Windows only, you should just use it as bda (i.e. use ATSC channels, instead of DMS channels).  Your Hauppauge tuner should also be a bda tuner.  So you should hide or delete your DMS channels.
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Re: Client problem with Television
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2023, 09:56:51 pm »

The basic issue is I cannot get the client to watch any live shows. The server works fine. Completed recordings and other media are fine. But anything live, in the process of being recorded generate errors. Here is a snippet of error file from the client...

1161214: 1580: TV: CTVRecordingManager::Process: Start
1161215: 1580: TV: CTVRecordingManager::Process: Finish (1 ms)
1161385: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Start
1161386: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Opening
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: Start
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: url:
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::Connect: Start
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::Connect: Finish (0 ms)
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Start
1161386: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: HttpOpenRequest successful
1161527: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: HttpSendRequest successful
1161527: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Success
1161527: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Finish (141 ms)
1161527: 11000: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: Finish (141 ms)
1161527: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Finish (141 ms)
1161528: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Start
1161528: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Finish (0 ms)
1162042: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Start
1162042: 9396: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Opening
1162042: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: Start
1162042: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: url:
1162042: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::Connect: Start
1162042: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::Connect: Finish (0 ms)
1162042: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Start
1162043: 2056: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: HttpOpenRequest successful
1162135: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: ConnectToURL failed, timed out (20000 ms), URL=
1162135: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Start
1162136: 1888: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Canceled (checked after HttpSendRequest)
1162136: 1888: Reader: CWinINetReader::DownloadFromHTTPURL: Finish (20000 ms)
1162136: 1888: Reader: CWinINetReader::Thread: Finish (20001 ms)
1162167: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Finish (31 ms)
1162167: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Open: Finish (20032 ms)
1162167: 8816: TV: CTSFileReader::OpenFiles: Failed to open audio reader file.
1162167: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Start
1162168: 8816: Reader: CWinINetReader::Close: Finish (0 ms)
1162168: 8816: TV: CTSFileReader::OpenFiles: Finish (20443 ms)
1162168: 8816: TV: CJRTVReaderFilter::Load: CTSFileReader::Open returned failure code 0x80004005
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::ConnectSourceAndSplitter: Failed attempting to open file: <XMLFN version="1.0"><Item Name="Filename">;FileType=Key</Item><Item Name="TVStopServingChannelParameters">TVPlayer=00000299D81B7EC0&amp;File=133095&amp;Channel=126095</Item><Item Name="UserInterfaceModeChangeEventHandle">00000000000002D0</Item><Item Name="AlbumSequentialWithLastTrack">0</Item><Item Name="PlaylistIndex">6</Item><Item Name="FileType">jtv</Item><Item Name="TVJumpToLive">1</Item><Item Name="ErrorFreeMode">0</Item><Item Name="PlaybackInfo">(1:2)(12:DTVProgramID)(1:3)(11:AspectRatio)(30:(1:4)(1:0)(1:0)(1:0)(1:1)(1:0))</Item><Item Name="Bookmark"></Item></XMLFN>
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::ConnectSourceAndSplitter: Failed to open or parse file.  (hr=0x80004005)
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::SetMissingDecryptionErrorWhenFileTypeIsBluray: Start
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::SetMissingDecryptionErrorWhenFileTypeIsBluray: Finish (0 ms)
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::ConnectSourceAndSplitter: Finish (20528 ms)
1162168: 8816: Playback: DShowVideoGraph::Render: Error: source / splitter did not expose output pins.
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