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Author Topic: JRiver for Android 31.0.66 -- Available Here  (Read 533 times)


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JRiver for Android 31.0.66 -- Available Here
« on: October 11, 2023, 12:19:22 pm »

JRiver for Android 31.0.66 is available on the Play Store
Please post bugs here.

Please use this thread for discussion.

Non-bug posts will be deleted.

Play Store Download


31.0.66 (10/4/2023)

1. Changed: Previously selected zone is used on startup.
2. Changed: Use original format for playing to DLNA.

31.0.57 (9/25/23)

1. Changed: Use random colors for the folder icon.
2. Fixed: Play from search would always play to local (Player) zone.
3. NEW: "Play album" option added to file playback menu.

31.0.53 (9/11/23)

1. Changed: Some tweaks of the Playing Now layout.
2. Changed: Playing Now button at top toggles between cover and list views.
3. Changed: Warning is displayed when battery optimization is turned on and playing to a remote zone/renderer.

31.0.44 (8/11/23)

1. NEW: Added context menu options to category views.
2. Changed: (Android TV) Removed the cover art background from category views because it wasn't improving the view.
3. Fixed: (Android TV) Accessing Cloudplay would crash if the user did not have a valid token.
4. NEW: (Android Auto) Added access to Radio JRiver, Radio Paradise, and Cloudplay.
5. Changed: (Android mobile) Modified the layout of the streaming page.
6. Fixed: (Android mobile) Fetching the full list of Cloudplay playlists was timing out and not removing the loading dialog.
7. Changed: Updated the color theme of most views to be more consistent.
8. Fixed: Radio Paradise was not working when connected to a library server.

31.0.36 (7/19/23)

1. Fixed: The app would stop responding for several seconds at various times if using a loaded library.
2. Fixed: The playback state could get lost when controlled by remotes.
3. Fixed: (Android TV) There was a crash that would sometimes happen when exiting from playing a video.
4. Changed: Made some changes to the audio output plugin to improve playback.
5. Changed: (Android TV) The file list will make better use of the space and leave less empty space.
6. NEW: Added bookmarking for video files and audiobooks.

31.0.21 (6/9/23)

1. Fixed: Browsing a category or file list with a large number of items could cause a crash.

31.0.14 (5/24/23)

1. NEW: Added an option to general settings to disable mobile data warnings.
2. NEW: Added a media network settings page with audio conversion options.
3. Fixed: Loading the playing now playlist could cause a crash in some cases.
4. Fixed: The load library activity was displaying library servers even if they weren't available.
5. Fixed: Loading libraries that required authentication wasn't working properly.
6. Fixed: Sometimes the interface would not update after successfully loading a library.

31.0.6 (5/3/23)

1. Changed: Improved the layout of the load library page.
2. NEW: Added a settings page.
3. NEW: Added a library option to always load the default library.
4. NEW: Added a Cloudplay option to modify the maximum bitrate filter.
5. Changed: Moved the Clear Library option to the library settings page.
6. Fixed: The Clear Library option wasn't working properly.
7. Changed: Changed some icons to be less confusing.

Note: The latest update may not be immediately available because it takes time for Google to clear it before publishing. These times can vary, so if you don't see an update immediately, check back in an hour.
Matt Ashland, JRiver Media Center
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