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Author Topic: Playing DVR recordings (MPEG-2) with captions on Samsung Android devices  (Read 691 times)


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I have MC31 set as a DVR to record programs from OTA from my HDHomerun Flex 4K. These are in MPEG-2 format (.TS). There are encoded captions present in these files. When I play these files on my various Windows PCs, the captions are displayed just fine.
I want to play these recordings on my Android devices also - my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablet in particular, as well as my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. These devices don't natively support MPEG-2, as far as I know.

Using JRemote2, when I play a DVR recording, there are no captions. It looks like the MPEG-2 files are being transcoded to H.264 on the fly, but there is no caption stream inside. If I play an MKV in H.265, it appears that it may not be getting transcoded, and all the captions are transmitted.

My question is, is there a way to play MPEG-2 DVR recordings with captions on my mobile devices, and if so how ?
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