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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center 32.0.11 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build  (Read 405 times)


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This is an initial build of JRiver Media Center 32 for Mac.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.

Download Universal Silicon/Intel 64 bit build
(minimum requirement MacOS 10.13)

32.0.11 (1/30/2024)

1. NEW: Implemented program links.
2. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Split Playing Now vertically.
3. Fixed: When reading GPS tags from image EXIF segment, Longitude and Latitude were displayed incorrectly, with the degree symbol mangled.
4. Changed: When importing settings from another OS, various settings will be migrated or adjusted to ensure MediaCenter functions properly.
5. Changed: When writing [Comment] field to EXIF "User Comment" tag, MC will determine the encoding method (Unicode or ASCII) according to the actual text, instead of using Unicode for all, to improve compatibility with other Apps that may not handle Unicode correctly.

32.0.10 (1/26/2024)

1. Fixed: Crash on exiting Options from the Tree and View page.

32.0.9 (1/26/2024)

1. Fixed: On first install with no library, when auto copying from an older library, the Data/Custom Resources inadvertently contained a trailing \ making it unusable.

32.0.8 (1/25/2024)

1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Rules wasn't parsing the type properly.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
3. Changed: Switched from DLNA to Remote for MCWS Browse/Rules.
4. Fixed: The manage library fields dialog could be very small when showing for the first time.
5. Fixed: MC could not load EXIF "User Comment" tag written by other apps (e.g. Lightroom) if the image was previously tagged by MC.
6  Fixed: MC loaded XMP "Source" and "Label" tags into custom "Source" and "Label"fields after it already loaded them into stock "Source (Supply Chain)" and "Image Label" fields.  It should now only read these tags into the two stock fields.
7. Changed: The MCWS function Browse/Rules takes an optional type parameter and you can specify "tree" or "DLNA".
8. Fixed: View extras playback would always start on file zero instead of the selected file.
9. Changed: The MCWS function to show the user interface returns that it's not able to run if a library is currently loading.
10. Changed: XMP "Event" tag is mapped to MC's "Album" field.  Removed support for custom field "Event".
11. Changed: MCC_TREE_SET_EXPANDED with -1 saves and restores again (but Ctrl;G still uses 0 to collapse all).
12. Changed: MCC_TREE_SET_EXPANDED with 1 expands the tree roots but not everything (because that was overly slow).
13. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
14. Changed: Added Type to the MCWS Library/Fields so it can report if the field is a user field, saved in the tag, etc.
15. Fixed: The "List (loose)" data type did not show in the Manage Library Fields dialog (list fields that don't check acceptable values).
16. Changed: MC "Genre" field is mapped to IPTC:ObjectAttributeReference array tags, and to XMP:IntellectualGenre tag.
17. Changed: Reversed the change on "Camera" field made in build 5.  Now "Camera" will be editable.  MC will split the fields into Make and Model when saving to tags.
18. Changed: MC will simplify camera make and model strings by removing duplicates and wordy phrases.  For example,"NIKON CORPORATION" will become "Nikon" for Make tag, and "NIKON D310" will become "D310" for Model.
19. Fixed: Possible fix for unusual event processing crashes. Needs feedback, especially from universal control users.

32.0.6 (1/18/2024)

1. Fixed: Theater View playback of "Play All" did not start on the selected file.
2. Changed: MC will not only remove XMP, IPTC, MJMD image segments, but also remove the entire EXIF segment when executing "Remove Tags".
3. Changed: Removed the Media Library node at the root of Browse/Rules in MCWS.
4. NEW: For MC32 the initial run will copy upgrade the library, data, skins and trackinfos from the most recent previous major version of MC.
5. NEW: Skins and Trackinfos courtesy of English Tiger.
6. NEW: TrackInfo_InsertURL(fieldname) used to load a Hexified version of the named field into a TrackInfo Plugin.
7. Fixed: File Associations being set on first run of a new major version of MC wouldn't work and popup a black box with no information in it.

32.0.5 (1/17/2024)

1. NEW: Holding shift while pressing right arrow in the tree expands all (like the recently added menu item).
2. Fixed: The combobox height could be too tall when editing list fields.
3. Changed: Some tuning to the new Browse/Rules function (use full path, named categories, etc.).
4. Changed: "Camera" field is made "Clear-only", so users will not be able to change camera Make and Model in EXIF image tags.  Also user-defined custom fields "Make" and "Model" will not be supported in EXIF handling.

32.0.4 (1/16/2024)

1. Changed: Removed the Back to Exit function from Theater View introduced in 32.0.1.
2. NEW: Added Browse/Rules to MCWS to return the rules used building the browse tree.
3. Changed: MC's "Genre" field is no longer mapped to ITPC/XMP Category tag.

32.0.3 (1/15/2024)

1. Fixed: Analyzer could show extreme numbers when playing noise files (for not a number values) but now it simply shows a question mark.
2. Changed: In the tag window, list data type fields show the values as a list (instead of list edit type fields) which makes genre, artist, etc. show lists.
3. Changed: The MCWS UserInterface/Show now returns success if it doesn't need to change the selection.
4. Changed: Back to exit Theater View only exits if a half second has passed since the last back click.
5. Fixed: The new track info colors had the red and blue channels reversed.
6. Changed: When saving to XMP and ITPC image tags, "Artist" field that contains semi-colon separated list in MC will be saved in multiple "creator" (XMP) and "by-line" (IPTC) tags, instead of a single one.
7. Fixed: MC did not read XMP tags "xmp:Label" and "xmp:Rating" from the XMP segment.

32.0.2 (1/12/2024)

1. Changed: Updated the copyrights to 2024.
2. Changed: Made a few improvements to the new download library and files tool.
4. NEW: Added the right-click tree option to expand all the items under a selection (instead of just the selection).
5. Fixed: Some XMP image tags that involve alternate language arrays were not saved properly.

32.0.1 (1/11/2024)

5. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
6. NEW: Added an advanced option to sort incoming playback files because the order coming from shell extensions could be shuffled (on by default).
7. Changed: Added media sub types: Business; Blog; Concert.
8. Changed: Made collapsing all the tree items simply always collapse (was saving and loading the expanded items).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
11. NEW: Added an Enable ZoneSwitch toolbar button.
12. Changed: [TV Channel Number] field is now available for Media Type "Video", in addition to Media Type "TV" (for TV Channels).
13. NEW: If the remote control button "Recorded TV" can not find "Video\Shows" in Theater View, a few additional locations are tried to locate it, including root level "Shows" and "Recorded TV" and "Video\Recorded TV", etc.
14. NEW: Full screen video window will have Minimize button in addition to the Window Size button and Close button.
15. Changed: When adding cover art to a file, if no art is found next to the file it will search known subfolders as well (
16. NEW: Added "Minimize" to the list of MC commands in remote control setup.
17. Changed: Theater View uses 20% larger fonts.
18. Changed: Added standard view to the loop of modes shown on F11 / Green Button.
19. Changed: Pressing back in Theater View when there's no place farther to go back closes Theater View by simulating F11.
20. Fixed: If Theater View was configured to switch to a zone on load, sometimes the load could not finish properly.
21. NEW: Added the ability to download the library and all the media files when connected to a library server.
23. NEW: Added a Display View toolbar button.
25. Changed: Updated Dutch translation (thanks Maarten).
26. Fixed: Genius lyrics lookup was failing on songs with parenthesis in the name.
27. NEW: Added a Reset Search Cache menu item to links to cause the search to be run again after editing a media type, etc.
28. Fixed: The image preview icon could not show in mixed lists.
29. Changed: The default value of the first parameter of MCWS function Television/GetRecordingScheduleXML will be "168", instead of "-1".
30. NEW: Added "Sorting" roller to Theater View library views to allow sorting using any of the default rules.
31. NEW: Added optional AlternatingColors property for Flush visualization component. It is of the form "N;HexColor1;HexColor2..." where N is the number of seconds between color changes. For example, "10;0x0000FF;0xFF0000;0x00FF00" would alternate between red, green, and blue every 10 seconds.
32. Changed: Removed some old code that no longer has any effect for playing a live TV channel on a Library Server client (using a tuner on the server).
33. NEW: Added "Duplicate" to the right-click menu on library views to make a new copy of the view.
34. NEW: Added TRACKINFO_INSERT_BACK_COLOR and TRACKINFO_INSERT_TEXT_COLOR to track info pages so the hex of each color can be loaded.
35. Fixed: Improved support for JPEG images with uncommon color encoding.
36. Fixed: Starting playback of a grouping of tracks with shuffle on would always start at the same track.
37. Fixed: bda TV might crash on stop when using Transport Stream time-shifting mode.
38. Changed: An empty password is no longer accepted to enter party mode.
39. Changed: A 400 error is returned from MCWS when the function name is not found.
40. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
41. Fixed: Calling MCWS Playback/PlayByFilename with invalid filenames now returns an error.
43. NEW: Implement the DLNA AVTransport command GetCurrentTransportActions dynamically according to play state.
44. Fixed: For the DLNA transport state, Always return 1 for the playspeed. Was 0 (when stopped) which appears to be incorrect.
45. Fixed: Make precision zone sync feature option determine whether or not it's exposed in the AVTransport XML play command. Fixes non-compliance with the spec.
46. Changed: Updated XMP library.
47. Changed: Updated GnuTLS and supporting libraries.
48. Changed: Updated WebP library.
49. Changed: Re-enabled writing of custom field "Event" to XMP metadata in images.
50. Fixed: MC wrote an new entry "State/Province" into a jpg image file's MJMD segment each time tags are saved to the image, resulting in multiple entries in the image.
51. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR to the latest version.
52. Fixed: SRT subtitles with size parameters would render generally too small.
53. NEW: Added support for "pt" and "px" size definitions in inline string <font> parameters.
54. Changed: Empty text tokens no longer contribute vertical height when rendering text, resulting in a more consistent vertical spacing.
55. NEW: On initial run, if a previous major version library (like MC31) is found MC32 will automatically find and copy it, the cover art and thumbnails if they exist.


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Re: JRiver Media Center 32.0.11 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2024, 07:21:19 am »

I am still getting pretty frequent hangs with MC 32.0.11 - usually if I leave it running overnight or for some long-ish period of time.  Please see attached crash report and MC logs.



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Re: JRiver Media Center 32.0.11 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2024, 09:07:42 am »

I am still getting pretty frequent hangs with MC 32.0.11 - usually if I leave it running overnight or for some long-ish period of time.  Please see attached crash report and MC logs.

I wonder if you have a bad device on your network.
Try turning off Media Network for a test and see if the problem goes away.


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Re: JRiver Media Center 32.0.11 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2024, 09:20:13 am »

Will do, thanks. 
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