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Author Topic: Question about difference in audio clarity between Media Center and Plexamp  (Read 523 times)


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Hi all, I'm trying to get to the bottom of something, hopefully any of you can give some insights.

I alternatively (besides MC) use Plexamp as an audio player. Mainly because of their Tidal integration and generated playlists based on my listening history.

When I compare the sound quality, I notice (some people asked if it was a placebo effect). I tend to be certain that I hear a difference. MC sounds more detailed, clear in the highs. It has a tad more air and pronunciation. It's not much though.

I checked with their CEO and Plexamp sends (on macOS) bit perfect 32 bits audio streams to your audio device. In my case an Native Instruments Komplete 6 (MK1). I play the music through a pair of Yamaha MSP5 speakers.

I know MC is also bit perfect but 64 bit. So I'm wondering, could this make the difference?
Or what could otherwise make for the difference in sound. As far as I know, MC doesn't optimize the sound?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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I too use PlexAmp and MC. There are a number of settings (In PlaybacK) in PlexAmp that may affect sound. Make sure they are all off or optimized.

Streaming Quality: Maximum
Lodness Leveling: Off
Sweet Fades: off (shouldn't matter)
Equalizer: off
Preamp: 0db
Limiter: off

Make sure you have the sound settings that might alter sound, like DSP or upsampling off in MC.

If you still hear a difference, get someone to help you perform a blind test.
Mostly a headphone guy. I use JRiver exclusively for music.
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