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Author Topic: Gizmo problem with frizzy DSP (Dirac) options window  (Read 99 times)


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Gizmo problem with frizzy DSP (Dirac) options window
« on: February 07, 2024, 03:54:17 am »

Good morning, I'm having a problem with JRiver MC32 connected to the network with Gizmo.  When I use Gizmo and then return to the MC program in "DSP options" the right window relating to the DSP I am using (in my case Dirac) remains frozen (even if it continues to work) while the left column where the various items are listed including output format, equalizer, DSP options (Dirac) etc. is normally active.  Now in addition it also gives me another problem: after a short time the JRiver window expands until I can't see the 3 icons ("x")("_") and the window icon at the top right.  The only solution to this last one is to change the display and then put it back in the original mode.  But the first problem I had on both MC32 and MC31 I couldn't figure out the reason.  DLNA problem?  antivirus problem?  (I use Windows Defender)
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