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Author Topic: Update tags on ogg files?  (Read 292 times)

Bill Kearney

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Update tags on ogg files?
« on: February 17, 2024, 04:01:43 pm »

I've been slogging through a bunch of random downloads I've accumulated over the years, doing a lot of metadata cleanup.  Fixing names, artists, etc.  MC is absolutely fantastic at doing this.

But I've noticed that some, not all, files in the ogg format are throwing an error when I try to use "Update Tags (from library)". I've used the Help->Logging menu and it throws the error:

Code: [Select]
Media Center encountered errors while tagging or moving files. Check that the files exist, are not read-only, and are not in use by other programs.
Tagging error: \\vision\audio\youtube\Meat Puppets - Backwater HD (152kbit_Vorbis).ogg

I checked the privileges on the file and they're not read-only.  I made a copy of this file, in the same directory, and re-ran auto-import and it picked it up.  Attempting to do "Update Tags" also fails on the copy.

I used mediainfo to examine the file, and nothing seems amiss.  But the I'm no ogg format expert.

Code: [Select]
Complete name                            : \\VISION\audio\youtube\Meat Puppets - Backwater HD (152kbit_Vorbis) - Copy.ogg
Format                                   : Ogg
File size                                : 3.51 MiB
Duration                                 : 3 min 41 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 133 kb/s
Track name                               : Backwater
Performer                                : Meat Puppets
Writing application                      : Lavf58.18.104
BPM                                      : 111
TOOL NAME                                : Media Center
 VERSION                                 : 32.0.6
PEAK LEVEL (SAMPLE)                      : +0.0 dB;+0.0 Left;+0.0 Right
PEAK LEVEL (R128)                        : +0.9 dBTP;+0.9 Left;+0.8 Right
VOLUME LEVEL (R128)                      : -13.7789802551269531
VOLUME LEVEL (REPLAYGAIN)                : -8.7789802551269531
WAVEFORM                                 : 0;.0011;.1031;.1347;.1934;.191;.1692;.182;.1858;.1889;.188;.1789;.1727;.1767;.1689;.1821;.1706;.1877;.1693;.1726;.1691;.1753;.1778;.1635;.1597;.1669;.175;.1663;.1753;.1773;.1734;.1709;.1842;.1807;.1775;.1793;.1828;.1742;.1615;.1419;.152;.1316;.1426;.126;.1078;.1299;.0606;.1684;.1515;.1815;.1028;.1857;.0866;.1478;.1016;.1602;.1232;.1729;.1521;.1254;.1488;.0979;.1432;.0948;.1908;.1299;.1773;.1071;.1492;.1105;.1397;.1505;.182;.1807;.1574;.1837;.1667;.1583;.1487;.1522;.183;.2061;.1829;.1737;.1677;.1781;.1567;.1746;.1608;.1838;.173;.1667;.1755;.1795;.1683;.1536;.1616;.1587;.2144;.194;.1882;.1782;.1848;.1864;.1829;.1887;.161;.1538;.1352;.1627;.1282;.1644;.084;.154;.1082;.1595;.1213;.1232;.156;.117;.167;.1368;.153;.034;.1596;.1395;.1709;.1207;.156;.1044;.1235;.1353;.1554;.1589;.1314;.1589;.1252;.1832;.1394;.174;.1617;.1858;.1793;.1547;.1799;.1707;.1483;.1718;.1785;.2033;.204;.1789;.1677;.1536;.1741;.1777;.1807;.1601;.1972;.1803;.1542;.1832;.171;.1609;.1637;.1757;.1908;.2089;.2022;.1908;.1808;.1856;.1811;.1847;.1915;.1505;.1659;.1622;.1704;.167;.1694;.1645;.1724;.1808;.1962;.1894;.1869;.2127;.2021;.191;.1744;.1826;.1746;.1903;.1898;.1987;.1873;.2003;.1851;.1928;.1853;.1971;.1892;.1843;.198;.1874;.1772;.1753;.1836;.1809;.1979;.1904;.1968;.196;.2029;.1972;.1926;.1734;.1948;.2058;.2025;.1937;.181;.1878;.1876;.1779;.2086;.2164;.201;.1929;.1904;.1949;.1855;.198;.2021;.1918;.1791;.1843;.1773;.1876;.1875;.1824;.1751;.1995;.1989;.198;.1873;.1984;.19;.2008;.1949;.1813;.1924;.1847;.1913;.1383;.186;.073;.17;.0634;.1644;.1562;.2048;.1645;.1626;.1667;.1316;.168;.1696;.2141;.1514;.1945;.1365;.1962;.0909;.1783;.1449;.1874;.1558;.1709;.1769;.1179;.2118;.1774;.2316;.1934;.2226;.2109;.2072;.2145;.2085;.1722;.1933;.2095;.2239;.248;.2022;.1873;.1926;.1928;.1867;.2209;.1843;.2239;.2054;.1836;.1935;.2034;.1828;.1701;.1692;.2051;.2362;.2246;.2203;.2058;.1967;.1961;.21;.2188;.198;.2138;.194;.2079;.2068;.2046;.1818;.2053;.2201;.2371;.2334;.2325;.2293;.2149;.2069;.2118;.2073;.2079;.2336;.2249;.2211;.2064;.2262;.2157;.2153;.2064;.2176;.2304;.2275;.2237;.2137;.2156;.2096;.2172;.2133;.1952;.1992;.203;.1916;.1774;.1822;.1811;.1895;.1877;.2005;.2046;.1966;.1904;.1923;.202;.2045;.2183;.1973;.1771;.1845;.1935;.1951;.1857;.1926;.1987;.1965;.203;.2055;.195;.2064;.2075;.1943;.1966;.1991;.1971;.1917;.1857;.1944;.1928;.2027;.2017;.2036;.1909;.1988;.2003;.1953;.2043;.1959;.1916;.2158;.2251;.2042;.1944;.1935;.1984;.1912;.1919;.2074;.1953;.1931;.1905;.1907;.1944;.1873;.1952;.1956;.1806;.1847;.2153;.1876;.2068;.1863;.1946;.2059;.1868;.154;.1187;.0773;.0542;.0383;.0241;.0165;.0074;.0029;.0011;.0003;;0
AUDIO CRC                                : 0x654C3A3F
DYNAMIC RANGE (DR)                       : 8
DYNAMIC RANGE (R128)                     : 4.363029956817627

ID                                       : 2370666123 (0x8D4D7E8B)
Format                                   : Vorbis
Format settings, Floor                   : 1
Duration                                 : 3 min 41 s
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 128 kb/s
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Sampling rate                            : 44.1 kHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Replay gain                              : -8.78 dB
Replay gain peak                         : 1.000000
Stream size                              : 3.38 MiB (96%)
Writing library                          : Lavf58.18.104
Language                                 : English

So where's the error lie here?  In the file or is there 'something' that's tripping up MC32?

I looked into the log file and nothing jumped out.

On the off chance it was due to MC having been running a while, I quit and reloaded the program.  I edited the tracks and used the "Update Tags" menu and got the same error.  I tried it again and am now getting an error "There is alread a task running.  Wait for it to finish before starting another."  The Action Window shows nothing about it.  When I quit MC32 it presents a dialog about running tools it must stop: "Update tags from DB".  I told it [yes] to stop the jobs.

I copied the track to a local drive, edited some fields and an "Update Tags" worked.   What is ogg tag editing doing differently than other formats?  Because editing and updating tags on other file formats work FINE from the very same network volumes.

And in the process of doing all this debugging the problem solved itself

Bill Kearney

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Re: Update tags on ogg files?
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2024, 04:07:54 pm »

I'm not certain what was causing the problem, but it was persisting across stopping/starting MC32.

I do not have any virus checking active. 

I've just edited several other ogg files and it's not thrown errors on them (including the original one).  I do get an error if I try to update tags on a track that's actively being played.  Which is to be expected, I suppose (and I believe this has always been the case).

I'm wondering if something 'behind the scenes' was keeping a file lock or something?  The logging didn't give me much to go on...


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Re: Update tags on ogg files?
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2024, 04:47:21 pm »

On Windows, you probably have Windows Defender running and you must configure it.

Bill Kearney

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Re: Update tags on ogg files?
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2024, 06:42:16 pm »

On Windows, you probably have Windows Defender running and you must configure it.
As I mentioned, no virus checking active. 

That and other tracks were handling the tag updating with no trouble.  I've used MC for quite a while now, and wouldn't have posted if it didn't seem like an actual problem.

What made the troubleshooting difficult was not seeing anything specific in the log about the error.
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