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Author Topic: Proper location of blu-ray files for MC to import them into library  (Read 148 times)


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I kind of got this partially answered about 5 months ago, but hadn't actually gotten around to getting it sorted out.  I understand Linux does not read the same directory structure as Windows does. I can't find a clear answer as to WHERE it will find the files. 
An example structure is:
   Movie folder
                 BDMV folder:   
                             AuxData Folder
                             Backup Folder
                             BDJO folder
                             ClipInf folder
                             Jar folder
                             Meta folder
                             Playlist folder
                             Stream Folder

and some random files in the BDMV
root directory index.bmv

Where Does MC want to find them?
(also I know people recommend mkv files instead of m2ts, but the m2ts work fine, unless thats why they're not being found?

Thanks all...



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Re: Proper location of blu-ray files for MC to import them into library
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2024, 01:12:20 pm »

Well after experimenting off and on for a couple days, I finally found what works.  The M2TS files are fine.  See original post for the original folder structure that you'll likely have if originally coming from a windows box. 

Linux wants a simplified version:

Movie Folder - M2TS or (MKV) file,  .jpg(of the cover) and JRSidecar.xml

After you move those 3 items to the root directory of the folder delete everything else.  (BDMV and Certificate folders)

Example for Blackhat:

Blackhat(folder)-  Blackhat.jpg   Blackhat.m2ts   Blackhat_m2ts_JRSidecar.xml

That's all you need!

Hope someone else finds this useful...
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