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Author Topic: JRemote (iOS) losing wifi connection  (Read 201 times)


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JRemote (iOS) losing wifi connection
« on: February 12, 2024, 08:00:31 pm »

I use JRemote on my iPhone as a remote control for my Id classic (Id plays through my Rotel integrated amp to different zones in the house, I control the music on my phone). I recently upgraded my mesh wireless router, and I will often lose control of JRemote during a listening session. Here's the scenario:

I start music playing on the "Player" zone (Id), by selecting music from my phone. Go about my business in the house, never leaving wifi connectivity. Later, I'll open my phone to play something else, or change tracks, Playlists, etc., and the Player is no longer responsive (i.e., JRemote shows a track or album from much earlier, not showing current song, and song progress bar is at 0:00 despite music playing). Obviously, none of the controls (volume, skip, back, etc.) work. I'll close the JRemote app, hoping to relaunch and have it sync back up, but now JRemote can't connect (presenting the "Wake" button to tap, which almost never works). I'm forced to find the Rotel remote, and manually shut down the amp to stop music. Then turn on amp, and restart JRemote a 2nd time, and choose music to play.

This used to happen only occasionally, but now with the new router, it happens a lot. I suspect it's a router setting. Anyone have (or had) issues, and played with router settings? Or maybe, more generally, anyone experienced this phenomenon and fixed it?
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