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Author Topic: A dB Boost Limit Setting Would be Great on Small Speaker Mode in DSP Studio  (Read 261 times)

Will N. Dowd

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I've been experimenting with DSP Studio>Adaptive Volume>Small Speaker Mode.

I've been using the Ultralink UCube speakers with 2" square flat drivers and matching USub 4" 50 Watts powered subwoofer.

They get audio signal and power via USB and they're quite small so the Small Speaker Mode usually works well to boost their volume a bit.

If you haven't used Small Speaker Mode it continuously and variably adjusts the output to boost the volume of speakers.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot.

Cool feature, but sometimes though it's simply too aggressive.

For example the 1982 Debut Michael McDonald album has some quiet tracks such as #5. I Can Let Go Now.

Small speaker mode goes berserk on it and I've seen boosts up to 23db!

This is too excessive and I think it would be very nice for MC32 to add a feature where you can put a limit on how much it can boost.

A setting where you can set a dB boost limit in 1dB increments would be very welcome.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.


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Small Speaker mode will turn the volume up to a maximum of 30.0 dB.  It should turn it down as soon as loud sections come along.

If you don't like the volume being messed with during a song, pick "Peak Level Normalize".  This will play at the maximum safe volume consistent across the entire song.
Matt Ashland, JRiver Media Center
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