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Author Topic: Playlists?  (Read 1816 times)


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« on: April 02, 2024, 05:57:05 pm »


It appears that the JRiver Android app doesn't import or have an easy way to create a playlist(s).

Although I've used JRiver Media Center for playing and managing my music on my PC for more years than I'd like to count (more than 10), it is useless when it comes to using their Android App. A couple years ago I posted my displeasure with the app in a review and even got an email from Matt. As I told him then, I'm still using Audify Music Player because it works, playlists included.

After waiting through various editions, I finally was able to get the app to find/see my music files. (There is STILL no decent file/folder search function on this app. Why?)

Now that I've got this version to see my music (2,500 songs) to be seen and played, it would be nice to have my playlists available. Yea, no. So I still use the Audify app.

I've attached various screenshots of what I experienced.

The "Playlists" folder appears. I click it and the "Imported Playlists" folder appears. Click this folder and it lists all but one of my playlists (although there is nothing inside of them). These folders are empty (see screenshots). Holding the folder gives a list of options none of which allow me to add music to a named playlist (to rebuild). I cannot make a new playlist as there is nothing in the app that allows me to create a new playlist, add to a playlist name, or add a song to an existing playlist. Looking at a song and holding my finger down, presents options BUT NONE ARE TO HAVE THE SONG ADDED TO A PLAYLIST. WHY?

Now, I'm not a strong technical person, however, if the functions to do these things are available they aren't obvious. So a question to Matt and the team, how does JRiver expect to have people use their products if they are not easy to use?

If anyone responds because they know how to create playlists in an Android (Samsung 21 Ultra phone) please provide step-by-step instructions - and I mean step by step. Not "do this then do that."
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