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Author Topic: Blu ray DVD player  (Read 264 times)


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Blu ray DVD player
« on: April 04, 2024, 08:58:54 pm »

I know JRiver since  i was young but never buy it .

A) Today i discover it can read DVD blu ray!! read /play Blu Ray using Blu Ray disc is not  available without codec . I test Vlc , old power DVD and i don't succeed to read my Blu ray disc !! I install anyDVD Bluray  call now in 2024 "AnyMP4 Blu Ray player" that work well except it show in menu limited  information about audio stream format compare to JRiver. JRiver menu show me all the audio track available in my Bluray Disk !!!

B) i have a look to official wikipedia page to know change in JRiver during years and see that the last version is 2022 version !!! Does the information is wrong ? and last JRiver is 28.0.1 ( 2022) when i download version 32 in 2024 there is 10 minutes ?
I would be nice to update the page since JRiver is not deprecated ended and still maintain update !

C) Mircrosoft after buy many games that ll run on PS5 and from cloud ( LG Samsung) show that Microsoft don't care of XBox device and explain why gamer ll  be more PC gamers   rather than Xbox gamers (no mod on XBox, no VR on XBox compare to PS5). Really think that Media Center ( HTPC) era still alive and should come back ( Kodi is here since no official Microsoft media center on windows 10 an 11 ). JRiver is powerfull MC.( for film DVD TV) but I think also for listening Hi Res  audio file ! Does JRiver use Microsoft MC library ddl ?

My config is PC ( blueray) --hdmi--> AVCR --hdmi--> TV
AVCR has 5.1 speaker and support DTS  dolby subwoofer   


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Re: Blu ray DVD player
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2024, 06:17:55 am »

1) You need to use AnyDVD or MakeMKV to remove copy protection from DRM-protected commercial discs like DVDs and Blu-rays in order to play them back in Media Center.

2) Wikipedia is the worst place to keep track of latest versions of JRiver Media Center. The latest version is actually 32, not 29 listed on Wikipedia. You can always find the latest version here on the forum.

3) Media Center can playback all the popular audio formats which includes hi-res audio... assuming it doesn't have any sort of copy protection themselves. Files downloaded from Apple Music (FKA iTunes) comes to mind, some of those files have a .m4p file extension and have the FairPlay DRM that MC can't playback unless you somehow find a way around the copy protection. Otherwise it has various decoders and encoders to handle playback of said audio formats.
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Re: Blu ray DVD player
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2024, 08:36:13 am »

1) You need to use AnyDVD or MakeMKV to remove copy protection from DRM-protected commercial discs like DVDs and Blu-rays in order to play them back in Media Center.
Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't there some MakeMKV implementation or something with MC at some point that made the region protection/DRM a moot point with MC?

I could be remembering wrong, since I've used DVDFab Passkey for forever though.
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