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Author Topic: JRiver Media Center 32.0.36 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build  (Read 588 times)


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This is the latest build of JRiver Media Center 32 for Mac.  Please post bugs here.  Please start a new thread for anything requiring discussion.  Non-bug posts will be deleted.

Download Universal Silicon/Intel 64 bit build
(minimum requirement MacOS 10.13)

32.0.36 (4/12/2024)

1. NEW: The top image in a fanned stack of thumbnails is stored so if you stop on an image, it will be used (added a stack_tops.jmd file to the database).
2. Changed: Image Face-tagging tool is no longer a part of Image Editor tools.
3. Fixed: Parallel processing of many files could crash due to a timing problem.
4. Fixed: Some images could crash the EXIF parser.
5. NEW: Added a new MC command (31010) and a context menu item for Image Face Tagging.
6. Changed: Theater View file info movie template now shows small poster. (v2.7 of templates file)
7. Fixed: Spotlight & Theater View Background images account for a movies IMDB Id to pick the right movie.
8. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
9. NEW: Added the ability to configure the default profile used in JRVR, in the config dialog, context menu, as well as MCC (10080-10083).
10. Fixed: Theater View file info templates in Mac and Linux were not showing cast or recommended thumbnails.  Also reduced default spacing between thumbnails so they render without wrapping.  (v2.6 of templates file)
11. Fixed: Sat>IP channels that have been recently scanned/re-scanned did not play.
12. Fixed: Views configured for JRemote, Gizmo, etc. didn't work properly when a category was at the root.
13. Changed: When adding padding channels with the new extra channels system, they are no longer marked as having data so they won't be used in mixes or show in Audio Path (feedback appreciated).
14. Changed: Made Audio Path report the number of filled channels instead of the number of total channels of audio.
15. Changed: Reordered the web links menu so manage and reset are at the top and a link doesn't take the keyboard shortcut.

32.0.31 (3/28/2024)

1. Changed: When face-tagging an image, if a click falls on an existing region, that region is automatically selected.  If the click hits outside of any existing region, the user will be prompted to choose an action (Add a new region, Edit selected existing region, Edit nearest existing region, or Cancel).
2. Changed: When a field has a description, it is returned in the Library/Fields call.
3. Changed: When face-tagging an image, all existing regions' rectangles will be drawn on the image.
4. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
5. Changed: When resizing Rename, Move, & Copy Files the extra height is spread between the two expression editors.
6. NEW: Added ShortTime date formatting string.
7. Changed: Tweaked Theater View file info templates (v2.5 of templates file).
   For TV Shows: Add option variable to show/hide director. Display small episode thumbnail.
   For Shows and Movies: Add Watched status display. Use new ShortTime formatting for end times. Add option variable for date formatting which defaults to ShortDate. Add option variable to show/hide Recommended title text.
8. Changed: In Image Face-tagging, if a rectangle is created on the image (by user clicking in the image) while the list of regions is still empty, a new region is automatically created, and the user is prompted to enter more details.
9. NEW: Added a "Test output" command to Options > Audio.  It will save the current settings and try playing a sample file with the current settings.
10. Changed: Removed the Help menu option to leave error free mode since it's now in the view menu.
11. Changed: The view extras submenu no longer hits the filesystem when it's added to a menu (only when the menu is opened).
12. NEW: Added an error free toolbar button to show the status and allow toggling.  Also added to the view menu.
13. Fixed: Double-click on the play button was not stopping.
14. Fixed: The brightness of PGS subtitles on HDR movies is checked to determine if they are proper HDR subtitles, or should be treated as SDR subtitles instead.
15. Fixed: XMP image tagging did not work with some non-ASCII characters.
16. Fixed: Some Sat>IP channels scanned since MC29 would not play because a tuner type matching failed.
17. Changed: Running a command line argument or double-clicking files exits error free mode.
18. Changed: "lr" is added to "words" that should be always all-capitalized during auto case correction.
19. Changed: Updated Spanish translation (thanks Leandro Botella Penalva).
20. Fixed: Merging of image [People] and [Image Regions] did not work if the latter is empty.

32.0.25 (3/12/2024)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. NEW: Added Spotlight item to context menu in Theater View which will show Spotlight for the first file.
3. Fixed: Spotlight stopped retrieving albums for artists.
4. NEW: Introduced a new Tonemapping Curve setting in JRVR Advanced Output selection to pick between different Spline curves for tonemapping.
5. Changed: The default JRVR tonemapping spline curve has been changed to favor a more lively "popping" image in dark scenes.
6. Fixed: Setting the media network client conversion for audio was not working.
7. NEW: Added the ability to create particles from chapters in a video (requires a video that plays with chapters, does not work with DVDs currently).
8. NEW: JPEG image [People] field is written to XMP "PersonInImage" tag.
9. Changed: Image data in [People] field and the Regions data are always merged, so they will be as consistent with each other as possible.  Users are encouraged to use Face-tagging tool to make changes and editing [People] field directly is discouraged.
10. Fixed: Issues with the menu bar when entering and returning from fullscreen display view and theater view modes on MacOS 13 and above.

32.0.23 (3/7/2024)

1. Changed: When loading images for Theater View backdrop, images that do not have a language specification is considered a match, in addition to those that match the required language strictly.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Recordings made on Google Pixel phones are properly identified as Home Videos.
4. Fixed: MC Television properties page (TV Options) tried to error check recording settings (in particular, folders for TV recordings) even if recording option was off.
5. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.7.
6. Changed: Tuned the JRVR Peak Detection parameters to be more conservative to reduce noticeable brightness changes from dynamic tone mapping.
7. Changed: When image face-tagging is finished, the [People] field is automatically updated.
8. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).
9. Changed: The view header alphabet uses the text over color instead of the text selected color on mouse over.
10. NEW: Support for FLAC files with 32-bit audio.
11. Fixed: The setting "Allow custom data to override the expression" did not allow itself to be turned off.
12. Changed: Updated the new / improved this version link to v32.
13. Fixed: Navigating a view could switch the focus to the tree instead of the file lists.
14. Changed: Moved the numbers to the start of the navigation alphabet (since they come before letters in the sorting).
15. NEW: Face-tagging for JPEG images (select an area in the image and tag who/what it is).  The result is saved in an XMP regions tag.
16. Changed: Theater View movie file info uses full description in large view (v2.3 of templates file).
17. Fixed: The EXIF parser could crash on malformed files.
18. NEW: Added IsOverridden expression function to test if an expression field has a stored value.
19. Changed: The links tracks command disables when only one track is selected (when it's in the MRU menu).
20. Changed: More MCWS functions have the parameter NoUI to put the player in error free mode (and all default to true) (playback from JRemote is less likely to show an error, etc.).
21. Fixed: Commas in Aspect Ratio were not being handled in Theater View movie file template.
22. Fixed: Missing director images were messing up Theater View movie file template cast display.

32.0.20 (2/22/2024)

1. Changed: Theater View movie file info uses full description in large view (v2.3 of templates file).
2. Changed: If middle click closes a tab, it will no longer also fire a mode change.
3. Changed: List drawing supports the alpha parameter on text.
4. Changed: The view header alphabet allows clicks in the space around letters instead of only on the letters.
5. Changed: Removed the keyboard shortcut to flip Playing Now and added a menu choice instead.
6. Changed: The "Name" field is no longer being filled from video file metadata, as its values are largely not desirable and prevent AutoTag (Carnac) from running.
7. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
8. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
9. Changed: Minor tweak to volume protection so that it works more evenly.
10. Fixed: The handheld filename rule wasn't saving since our change a couple builds back.
11. Changed: Equalizer sliders move 0.5 dB to the arrows and mouse wheel.
12. Changed: Made the alphabet above a file list stretch to the full width instead of being all left aligned.
13. Changed: The alphabet uses the text selected color instead of the text hot color on mouse over.
14. Fixed: Library/CreateField better updates when expressions are changed.
15. Changed: Renamed "Migrate Library" to "Change Media Location" and reworded the instructions accordingly.
16. NEW: Added a Library/DeleteField MCWS function.
17. Fixed: Tab controls didn't stretch to the right since we removed dead space to expand middle click.  Reverted the sizing but handle middle click another way.
18. Changed: IPTC/XMP "Category" and "Supplemental Categories" tags are mapped to "Image Category" and "Image Subcategory" custom fields (instead of "LR Category", and "Subcateories").
19. Changed: Multiple changes to Theater View movie file info template based on feedback (v2.2 of templates file).
20: Fixed: CD ripping could only be initialed from Drives & Devices. Now it can also be initiated from Rip Disc.

32.0.17 (2/13/2024)

1. Fixed: HTML encoded characters (eg. """) in plain text subtitles are properly replaced by their respective characters.
2. Fixed: Removed some dead space to the right of the tabs so middle click works for a bigger area.
3. Changed: Showing the playing file always centers the playing file in Playing Now instead of showing a few files above and below.
4. Changed: Library/CreateField can update a field if it already exists.
5. Fixed: Importing Theater View file info templates with an older version would fail.
6. NEW: Added a "Plain (no border)" cover art drawing mode.
7. Changed: Command+T will toggle the zone but not toggle the layout of Playing Now (even though Command is down).
8. Changed: The flip state of Playing Now is saved between program restarts.
9. Changed: Updated our TIFF library to the latest (makes a crashing TIF somebody sent load).
10. Changed: Made the new confirmation before installing an update an option (Options > General > Advanced > Confirm before installing an update on launch).
11. Changed: Added a help button to the Acquire Images Action Window that links to the wiki.
12. Changed: When acquiring images, the destination path is checked to make sure it can be written to.
13. Fixed: Library/CreateField better updates when expressions are changed.

32.0.15 (2/9/2024)

1. Fixed: Spotlight images in Theater View file info panel were sometimes not drawing properly.
2. Changed: Loading views starts in the saved views folder under the library.
3. Changed: The import and export all templates Theater View tools start in the backup folder under the library (or just the library folder if the backup folder doesn't exist).
4. Changed: Added video definition icon to Theater View movie file info template (v2.1 of templates file).
5. NEW: "Migrate Library" wizard to help update the library after swapping Operating System or otherwise moving media files into a different location.
6. Changed: Spotlight_list() values in file info templates are "hexified" to handle special characters.
7. Changed: Moved the "convert to pre-composed UTF8" into a separate function and allowed it to fix filenames as well as stock string fields.
8. Changed: Updated ULTRA trackinfo plugins by ET.

32.0.13 (2/6/2024)

1. Changed: When a field is deleted, that column will no longer be loaded.
2. Changed: Allow user to specify high version number in Theater View file info template file so that it is never overwritten with defaults.
3. Changed: The after playback expression in Options opens an expression editor instead of just being an edit box.
4. Changed: An expression editor is shown for the Theater View option for playing now expression.
5. Fixed: Closing an empty tab could fail to work in some cases.
6. NEW: Middle-click on the close button will relaunch Media Center.
7. Changed: When toggling the list style of Playing Now, the playing file is shown.
8. Changed: Track Info uses the list background skin color instead of white when drawing cover art.
9. NEW: Double-click on the player text area goes in and out of mini view.
10. Changed: Audio Filename Rule is now simply Filename Rule for handhelds since the rule is used for other media types.
11. NEW: Added a FileExtension expression function.

32.0.12 (2/1/2024)

1. Changed: Use .xml extension for the Theater View file info template backups and put them in "Backup" folder.  Remove old Movie file info template.
2. NEW: Holding the Command key while picking Playing Now opens the view split in the other direction than the setting.
3. NEW: Added a new field "Digital Source Type" for image media type and mapped it to XMP DigitalSourceType tag.  Users can select from a controlled vocabulary list.
4. NEW: Added a new field editing type - PRESET_LIST, which only allows changing field value by selecting from a pre-set list of values.  Currently it is used only for "Digital Source Type" field.
5. NEW: Added new default Theater View file info panel template for movies that shows Spotlight data.  The current user templates are backed up and overwritten.
6. Changes: Multiple args for newly implemented program links. If an app is selected use MacOS to call otherwise vfork for command line executables.
7. Fixed: Crash on CD insertion.
8. Fixed: Crash on tabbing views.

32.0.11 (1/30/2024)

1. NEW: Implemented program links.
2. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Split Playing Now vertically.
3. Fixed: When reading GPS tags from image EXIF segment, Longitude and Latitude were displayed incorrectly, with the degree symbol mangled.
4. Changed: When importing settings from another OS, various settings will be migrated or adjusted to ensure MediaCenter functions properly.
5. Changed: When writing [Comment] field to EXIF "User Comment" tag, MC will determine the encoding method (Unicode or ASCII) according to the actual text, instead of using Unicode for all, to improve compatibility with other Apps that may not handle Unicode correctly.


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Re: JRiver Media Center 32.0.36 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2024, 05:31:56 pm »

The thumbnails in standard view seem to have shrunk dramatically. I went back to version 31 and they're back to normal size.


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Re: JRiver Media Center 32.0.36 for Mac Silicon/Intel Universal build
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2024, 08:07:27 pm »

The thumbnails in standard view seem to have shrunk dramatically. I went back to version 31 and they're back to normal size.
Move the size slider
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