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Author Topic: DSP plug-in scaling on a 4K screen  (Read 141 times)


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DSP plug-in scaling on a 4K screen
« on: April 13, 2024, 04:59:44 am »

Hi. I can't display VST plug-ins properly on a 4K monitor. I've added Izotope's Insight2 but it was displayed on a very small window. Then I ticked JRiver's "High DPI override setting" through compatibility but it ended messing up JRiver's own interface and the dsp plugin couldn't display the bottom part of it because of oversizing. I paid a lot for Ozone products and I want to combine in a proper way.
I played around with a few other vst and vst3 plugins I have and some of them display correctly, some of them are inherently resizable but some of them are either miniscule on 4K or partially displayed on high dpi settings.
My question is, is there a setting that I'm missing in JRiver to enable us all the DSPs scaling according to the native resolution of my screen or, in other words, to JRiver's own 'DSP Studio' window size?
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