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Author Topic: Set seq from sort automatically?  (Read 151 times)

Kenny Dave

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Set seq from sort automatically?
« on: April 16, 2024, 04:21:33 am »

There seems to be an option for everything, but I can't find one for this.

I want the playlist to always play in the order as shown. There's a sequence key, which I can reset to displayed with this option:

But I'd like it to just play as it's shown automatically rather than having to click each time. When the playlist is resorted, it retains the seq key and plays in that order.

On a similar theme, with random mode, I'd want it to retain the displayed order of the playlist, but jump around that within that. At the moment, random reassigns the seq key randomly to the files in the playlist. Turning random on always sets the track display to "1 of x", with x being the number of tracks in the playlist. 

Most of the simpler players do it like this, I'm too old and too used to it now  :) The behaviour is playing songs randomly, until I get to something I'm in the mood for, then I want to play the full album. It's hard to do that with the way it works at the moment.

Thanks if anyone can advise.
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