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Author Topic: Feature Request: Load/Save Named View Collections (sets of tabs) from files  (Read 238 times)


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Background:  The menu item View > Load / Save View is an extremely useful feature for restoring entire sets of view tabs ("view collections") in one fell swoop.  However it is limited to operating within the current MC session, reportedly depending on the Windows registry for its data.

Consequently, syncing tab views between between client-client or server-client must depend on either (1) a cross-library restore from a MC library backup, which usually affects much more than just tab views (note:  it's necessary to select "[x ] Restore settings" in order to update View > Load / Save View), or (2) a manual procedure of saving, copying, and restoring individually saved library view files (.jvi) onto tabs one at a time.

Feature Request:  Add a files-based version of the menu item View > Load/Save View which maintains its data in “named view collection” folders under a Saved View Collections folder (parallel to or within ...Library > Saved Views).  The data for each named view collection would be held in a single folder containing all the .jvi files, and any other support file(s) needed to restore the collection of views, just as the registry presumably does now (proprietary file format(s) such as *.jmd would also be acceptable). This would effectively extend an old feature into a new one:  "View Collections".

Advantage: A user-named folder for restoring a collection of view tabs, once copied between computers, can be used to quickly sync client-client or server-client views from within any session.  The goal is to simplify copying views between computers, a subject which has come up many times in the past, for which MC currently lacks a dedicated and efficient multi-tab solution.

Recent Reference:,138655.msg961819.html#msg961819
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