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Author Topic: Add [IMDB Series ID] For TV Series and [TheMovieDB Movie ID] For Movies To MC  (Read 172 times)


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I initially requested this in v27:,126955.msg881362.html#msg881362

And again in v31:,136447.msg945234.html#msg945234

Can the following fields be added to MC and have the TMDB lookup populate them:
•   [TheMovieDB Movie ID] – to be able to link directly to the TMDB movie rather than doing a text search or looking up by IMDB ID
•   [IMDB Series ID] – as a fallback if the “[IMDb ID] for episodes” is empty rather than doing a text search. “[IMDb ID] for episodes” is quite often empty.

This would make the ability to link directly to info on these sites much better.
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